upgrading OPEN OFFICE to read DOCX's

Dear Mark,

Is there any relatively easy way to upgrade the Open Office Writer to read .docx files from newer WORD

Install Libre Office instead? Open Office isn’t getting as much development as Libre, and Libre seems to support a wider range of document formats.

Which distro/version are you running ? … because as BkS states, you’d be better off with LibreOffice.

Sorry. Still the standard Linpus. original Open Office 2.3.0. Libre Office work on this? rather tweak the OO. I’ll convert to Peppermint at some point, when have stable decent Internet.

Short of using an online converter, such as:

I think your stuck.

Wow thanks. That’s a helpful site. Should have known it must exist.

Yeh, good site … just bear in mind the security implications of uploading your documents to other peoples servers for conversion. 8)

If you don’t want others reading it … don’t upload it.