Upgrading to new kit

Hi All - I’m thinking of replacing my aged desktop for something more current and would appreciate advice?

It will be for basic ‘home computing’ - no gaming or heavy streaming/video editing use etc etc. Something like a 500GiB SSD, minimum 4GiB Ram, SATA, DVD writer, Wireless and so on. No O/S required - it will be a pure Linux box.

I’m ok for the monitor and have a DVD writer in the current rig that I could swap out but writers are cheap these days anyway if needs be. A new (wired) keyboard and mouse would be handy too.

Any preferences between Intel or AMD processors? Any preferences regarding makes of motherboard - particularly in terms of Linux installation?

I’m currently drawn towards stuff from Scan and/or Novatech which seem cheap enough but I’m also happy to get the parts and do a self build.

If any of you have already gone down this route, any advice re: building snags or stuff to watch out for or to avoid would be welcome!



It’d probably be better if you posted the make/model of hardware you’re considering … then we can try check if there are any known issues.