Upgrde to Kubuntu14.04 has clobbered disk.

I had Ubuntu 12.10 running fine for nearly 2-years.

Decided to install Kubuntu 14.04 on a separate partition as a dual boot.

Partitioned disk , using Parted, with /dev/sda1 200GB
/dev/sda3 200GB
/dev/sda5 560GB

intended one partition as spare,

After Kubuntu14.04 installed Ubuntu12.10 has disappeared. Kubuntu14 is booting , but with some strange effects ( the GUI is seeing some partitions but these are not in /etc/fstab )

My original Ubuntu12.04 looked to have disappeared completely.

What parted shows is that Kubuntu 14 has shoved the installation into a brand new partition /dev/sda6 ( which I did not define and certainly not the one I chose ). And worse, the Ubuntu12.10 installation has had its partition clobbered ( it was an ext4 partition - now undefined ).

I suspect that GRUB and or MBR on /dev/sda1 has been hammered.

I suspect that I can re-install GRUB and MBR or /dev/sda1 but has anyone done exactly that before?
And any suggestion on rescuing the original 12.10 installation would be helpful.


I take it /dev/sda1 was where 12.04 (should) resides ?

Are you able to manually mount /dev/sda1 ?

if not, first thing I’d try would be to boot from a LiveCD/LiveUSB, then run:

sudo fsck /dev/sda1

and see if that corrects the file system.

If not, please post any messages from that command … but preferably in text format rather than a picture :slight_smile: