Upper and Lower Filter Drivers!

Hi everyone.

Is there any concept of filter driver in case of Linux like in Windows OS. In windows we can write a filter driver to enhance the behaviour of an existing driver and this filter driver can be attached to main driver either above or below. I was wondering whether such a concept has been introduced into Linux or is the only option to rewrite the appropriate driver and insmod it? ufabetxxx

Many thanks.

Hi Alisha, I’m not aware of any such facility, but then for the most part from what you describe it would seem to be pretty pointless on Linux. If you want to enhance a Linux driver, simply take the source for the actual driver and enhance it, and if you want to share, submit it back into the eco-system with said enhancements. This will always be easier, more robust and more performant than trying to build a framework around the driver. I’m kinda guessing this is a feature Windows needs “because” it’s not Open Source and amending Windows code isn’t really an option …