URGENT! Please help me open a file!- SOLVED

Guys I am FUMING…I have spent an hour creating a cv on Reed jobs website, downloaded it but it won’t open. When I click on it a box comes up- choose your application-and no option for libre office- what can I do??? I need this cv urgently!!!

What formate is the file in?

Thanks for the speedy reply Tramlink- it was a word doc. I went back to the site- took ages to find it again, and chose a different template and opened it, then saved it. I think one has to open them first as a read only then save onto the computer, even though it gives one the option to directly download. It’s crap! The first template I chose turned put to be crap even though it looks nice on the page- it saves all crooked. They don’t half waste space on the page. I will have to find the time to just type my own on a libre office document, time consuming though that is. I have to leave off all sorts of experience as these templates mean that my CV runs to 3 pages… ???

Search through LibreOffice Templates, surely you will find some which will fit your needs.
Aso some more here

In Firefox choose to save it to your desktop as a .doc (not .docx), then right-click on it and choose
open with > LibreOffice Writer

or open LibreOfice and go to

File > Open

and browse to the .doc

Thanks guys. ;D

Depending on the circumstance a C.V. can be up to 4 pages depends on the required formate.