USB not booting SOLVED

Hi All - I downloaded Mint 17 Xfce and wrote it to 2 different USB sticks using Mint’s own USB image writer. The downloaded MD5 sum is correct.

Attempting to boot from the stick into a Compaq mini netbook initially brings up the Mint start screen but when ‘Start Mint’ is selected I get failed, with error - …probe failed… and then nothing. (ditto other options in the list - nothing will boot it)

Back at my main pc, when I look in ‘Computer’, the sticks are seen. lsusb in Terminal also lists them. In GParted, I get this - Invalid partition table - recursive partition on /dev/sdg but when I click on ‘ignore’ the stick(s) are listed but are shown as unallocated space. I formatted both sticks first in Fat32 then again in Ext 4 before writing to them and Image Writer reported they were successfully written each time.

In the past, all sticks have shown up on the desktop automatically, but not now. Clicking on the icon in ‘Computer’ brings the message - ‘Unable to mount location’ ‘Can’t mount file’ thus I can’t check the MD5 to see if they have written correctly. Have I missed something? I’ve successfully installed several distros in the past using the same methods but something has gone awry this time.

Doing this on main pc, Mint 17 Cinnamon.

Thanks in advance, as always


If you used Mints “USB Image Writer” to create them, then the gparted error is normal as it writes it to the USB as a cdrom (iso9660)

Was the exact error “ACPI PCC probe failed” ?

Hi Mark - yes, it was that exactly.

It now appears the problem may lie with the Compaq mini, rather than the sticks. As a check, I tried both sticks in an old laptop test machine and, initially, I got the same “ACPI PCC probe failed” message. However, after a few seconds the Mint logo appeared on screen followed by the desktop, offering the usual try-out/install choices, so the sticks have written ok. In the Mini, I just get a black screen - no cursor or logo, no matter how long I wait.

I had a delve into the Mini’s Bios but didn’t see anything much in there that would help. In particular, timeout settings etc. in case the screen went off before the Mint files had loaded?

EDIT: I’ve got a bit further with the Mini - At the ‘Start Mint ’ option, hitting ‘Tab’ brings up a terminal string. I deleted "–quiet splash’’ and inserted “nomodeset”. The files continued loading but then halted on a “…can’t start x…” error. I tried entering a few ‘start’ type commands but nothing has worked (obviously incorrect commands!) so I’m stuck again! (Tried typing xorgwizard and xwin etc etc but commands not recognised).

EDIT 2: Loading halts on “failed to start the X Server. Would you like to view the X Server output?” (This info means nothing to me - there is no explanation of why X won’t start or what to do about it). The next box says “The X Server is now disabled. Restart MDM when it is configured correctly.”


It seems that the latest version of Mint (17.3) has had changes to the kernel and Xorg which make certain hardware types incompatible. I’ve downloaded v17.1 and successfully installed it to the Mini with no issues with graphics. Apparently, it is then easy to upgrade to v17.3 (if desired).

Now I have to get the wireless working…!! Broadcom… >:(


Great stuff :slight_smile:

Which broadcom, what’s the output from:

lspci -vnn | grep -i net

Hi Mark - actually we’re all done and dusted!

Mint’s Driver Manager pulled in everything except the wi-fi driver! ??? There was one listed but for some reason it wouldn’t download. So I went back to a remedy you gave previously regarding Broadcom drivers. In Terminal I entered - ‘sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer’ - but it threw up an error, saying this was now obsolete/outmoded. Luckily it listed a replacement - just the ‘firmware-b43-installer’ part - so I got that and wi-fi immediately sprang to life! Happy days!

Thanks again for your invaluable help. :wink:


Great stuff :slight_smile: