usb wireless adapter for Ubuntu18.04

I am preparing an ASUSTeK P6-P5G41E desktop running Ubuntu 18.04 to give to a friend. Having fitted a 256GB SSD (thanks, Mark) it’s working much faster I want now to find a suitable USB wireless dongle for it.
I bought one from Amazon that mentioned Linux suitability but Ubuntu 18 ignored it. So I tried to install the accompanying drivers from the CD but the PC refused to extract the files, telling me that I didn’t have sufficient privileges! So I sent it back.
I have a very old Belkin 802.11g adapter so tried that and it connected immediately - which makes it a valuable item that I want to keep!

Bizarrely, I can actually still buy the Belkin 802.11g from Amazon, which I might do, but a more modern one that works out of the box would be better.
I see lots of questions on the forums about getting dongles to work with Ubuntu 18 and would be grateful for advice from anyone on a device that will work on U18 without having to install anything.


I’ve always had good luck with these
Ideal for a laptop too because they’re so damn small :slight_smile:

I have no doubt there are faster USB wirless ‘AC’ adapters available, but I haven’t tried them personally and they’ll only benefit from the faster speeds if you have an AC router anyway.

Many thanks, Mark. The write-up looks good and I have ordered one and shall report the results.

This little device is excellent; having a very low profile and good range. Best of all, and as required, it is just “plug & play” - no need for the supplied driver CD.
The price is very reasonable indeed and half the price of a replacement for my old, and very large, Belkin. Time will tell if it has a long life or will burn out with the effort, but so far it looks good. I shall order a spare.
Thanks, Mark.

I’ve never had any problem with them lasting … as long as you don’t loose them, which is pretty easy :slight_smile:

Funny you should mention that: I bought an extra one as one of my friends lost hers after removing it so I could take her PC for repairs!