USING DOS BOX (Resolved)

I have installed DOS Box as I have some old DOS games that we like playing.

I have been using the program in XP for years and understand all about mounting drives.

But I have problems in Linux:

  1. I can not mount the CD/DVD ROM from inside DOS Box.

  2. I can not install the games that are on CD’s (in windows XP you just install the game into the folder you are using as your DOS Box C:\ drive).

Any help would be most welcome or am I having to stay with windows to use DOS Box.

OK, manually mounting a CD is DOSBOX…

  1. Insert you CD

  2. In Ubuntu, go to the /media directory and write down what the directory name of the mounted CD

OK, lets say it was mounted as /media/Ubuntu 11.04 amd64

  1. In DOSBOX, enter:
mount d "/media/Ubuntu 11.04 amd64" -t cdrom

This will mount it as the D:\ drive in DOSBOX

mount e "/media/Ubuntu 11.04 amd64" -t cdrom

(you only have to use quotation marks if there are spaces in the path)

Will mount it as the E:\ drive in DOSBOX


You can mount an Ubuntu directory as a drive in DOSBOX too.

lets say I wanted to mount my home directory as the F:\ drive in DOSBOX

mount f /home/mark

Hi I am still unable to mount the CDROM

The path is mount d "/media/STARGUNNER -t cdrom

I am told the directory dose not exist

I have no problems mounting the C:/ drive

mount c "/oldgames

you didn’t close the quotation marks…

mount d "/media/STARGUNNER" -t cdrom

Although because the path has no spaces, you don’t NEED the quotation marks, so:

mount d /media/STARGUNNER -t cdrom

should also work.

All working fine now thanks for your help.

I think I am beginning to see how DOSBOX works in Linux.