Using newer kernel than provided

Reading this - - it seems like there are changes that would benefit both of my machines (Optimus laptop running Mint 14 = Ubuntu 12.04, and AMD desktop running Mint 15 = Ubuntu 13.04).

Rather than grabbing the kernel source from and compiling it myself (bit of a risk that it may not be fully-compatible, and it won’t auto-update via APT), I’d rather use a PPA. I found a PPA seemingly hosted by Ubuntu themselves (, which has 3.12 packages for saucy & trusty (13.10 & 14.04), but not for raring or quantal. Is it a good idea to install these packages, or do I run the risk of dependency issues? Also, will APT keep them up-to-date if I install with “wget && dpkg”, assuming I can just “apt-get install” once I’ve added the PPA to sources?

Edit - I’m working on the assumption that they won’t backport 3.12 in the future…

Bung it on and test it … you can always boot the older kernel if it doesn’t work.

I doubt if they’ll cause any dependency issues … if they do, and the dependencies can’t be satisfied, it should warn you.

No, they’re highly unlikely to backport it to the earlier Ubuntu versions … or they already would have.

No, your package manager(s) won’t update them further, as they’ll already be more recent than any quantal updates that get pushed.