using ssb manager

I just used ice(ssb manager) in pepermint but it ain’t adding the icon or not showing it.
i was just testing it first made for linux forum using favicon but didn’t work then for twitter but didn’t work so what to do.

Are you saying ICE isn’t adding the shortcut to the menu

or that it IS adding the shortcut but with the wrong icon ?

Open a terminal and post the output from this command:

ls -a ~/.local/share/applications

(you can copy and paste from the terminal)

Again, remember in a “Live” session any changes will be lost on a reboot.

No, not adding in the menu or showing nothing about what i want to add but in the ice in remove tab it is showing icon.

Maybe ICE doesn’t like being used in a “Live” session … but I’m not going to be able to help you if you keep ignoring my requests for output.

Oops sorry i was too buisy in asking questions i’ve put that in general discussions.