Using Ubuntu to solve Win8 problem

Hi Mark,
I received a Toshiba Satellite C50D-11Q Laptop at the weekend.
It should have been running Win 8 but the machine refused to boot, and gave all sorts of excuses as to why it wouldn’t work, BCD broke, bad Media, Media fail etc.
I worked my way through the problems until I came across one to try using Ubuntu.
I downloaded the Ubuntu 14 .iso file and put it on a bootable pen drive. I stuck this in the offending Win 8 machine and ran Ubuntu from the pen drive. It worked with no complaints or problems, it was magic to see.
I later managed to get a Win 7 OS installed on this machine and have spent over 4 hours trying to get a decent setup.
I was thinking I should maybe dump Windows and install Linux.
The chap what owns the machine reckons it is fit for the skip but as he only uses it online and mainly for checking car prices I thought maybe it would be better if I put Linux on it.
I would like to know if I should put Peppermint 6 or Ubuntu on, any advice ?

Assuming it’s the one with the AMD E1 chip, I’d go with Peppermint. He doesn’t need Windows if he’s only web browsing (more secure to use Peppermint, probably faster too!). Make sure you teach him about the Software Manager - trying to download programs from the internet is a support disaster waiting to happen. Also, tell him only to enter his password when expected (i.e. logging on & installing stuff)

Thanks chemicalfan,
It has an AMD VISION E1 sticker on it so I reckon he should be ok with Peppermint.

No worries, good luck :slight_smile: