Various Distros incompatibility with hardware?

Hello All,
My first post here so be gentle with me please. :slight_smile: I am trying to use a current version of various distros, but none of them will work on my laptop, Acer 7520, which has an Nvidia GeForce 7000 / nForce 610m chipset, AMD Turion 64x2 CPU and 4Gb RAM I have tried so far
Linux Mint 12 64bit, Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit and Mandriva One 2011 64 bit all without success. Mint 12 installs OK but when I open Control Centre or Firefox I just get a blank white window. Ubuntu completely locks up when I set the screen resolution correctly. Mandriva starts from the USB drive then chucks me out to the terminal. Can anyone recommend a distro that just works? Please, no Linuxspeak in any replies, 'cos I won’t understand it.

Thanks in advance,

It sounds like a graphics driver issue …

In Ubuntu 11.10, when you get to the login screen … click the little cog icon above where you normally enter your password, and in the drop down list select Unity 2D, now login as normal … once at the desktop go to System Settings>Additional Drivers and try selecting a different graphics driver … once the driver is changed, log off (or reboot) and once back at the login screen click the cog again and change back to Unity.

try exactly the same thing in Mint 12 … the only difference is there will be NO Unity 2D and Unity … so use Gnome Classic and Gnome respectively.

I have no idea how you change the desktop to the fallback mode in Mandriva.