VBOX server not running (Resolved)

After a recent update of my mint 17.2 mate system I get a pop up when starting the system saying VBOX server is not running. I do not remember installing VBOX and the system seems to be working OK, should I take any action?

What’s the output from:

dpkg -l | grep virtualbox

userone@Office2 ~ $ dpkg -l | grep virtualbox
ii virtualbox-guest-dkms 4.3.34-dfsg-1+deb8u1ubuntu1.14.04.1 all x86 virtualization solution - guest addition module source for dkms
ii virtualbox-guest-utils 4.3.34-dfsg-1+deb8u1ubuntu1.14.04.1 amd64 x86 virtualization solution - non-X11 guest utilities
ii virtualbox-guest-x11 4.3.34-dfsg-1+deb8u1ubuntu1.14.04.1 amd64 x86 virtualization solution - X11 guest utilities
userone@Office2 ~ $

Unless you’re running Mint in a virtual machine, purge those 3 packages, they’re virtualbox guest additions and totally unnecessary unless Mint is running in a Virtualbox VM:

sudo apt-get remove --purge virtualbox-guest-dkms virtualbox-guest-utils virtualbox-guest-x11

Thanks for the help that fixed it.

You’re welcome Tramlink :slight_smile: