Video player for M2TS files

Is there a video player that will play HD files of the M2TS format, VLC Media Player “nearly” plays them but it is “jerky”, anyone any suggestions?
PS I am using Ubuntu 14.04


VLC should be able to play HD M2TS format, so is SMPlayer (or any other Mplayer front end).
However it is very CPU intensive and if your graphics card is not beefy enough to take over the decoding then the playback will suffer.

Thanks for that Sezo, also tried Gnome MPlayer that plays less jerkily but the sound is at normal speed whilst the video is a little slow, do you know any way that I can speed up the video playback?

Many thanks,

ps you are probably right about the graphics card, it is an old Dell Inspiron 6400

Can’t you convert them first ?