Video service thief not working?

I noticed it keeps returning errors when trying to download from you tube lately, so I am having to use YT downloader and convert to mp3s in Audacity. Anyone else have this problem?

Can you give an example of the error?

A bug report box comes up each time and says to report it

Hmm, assuming that’s come from the app and not the OS, might be just a case of waiting for it to be patched

Is this on the Mint or Peppermint PC ?

and which versions of Mint/Pepermint/VST ?

On my Peppermint 3 Laptop- I hardly use the Mint netbook, so don’t know if it works there or not. Chemicalfan is pro right- its prob them not my laptop.

xVST for 12.04 is still at version 2.4.1 so doesn’t look like it’s been updated since March 2013 . I’m guessing Google have updated youtube formats and broke xVST

Newer versions of Ubuntu (and its derivatives) are on xVST 2.5.1 which came out in April 2014

If you’re sticking with 12.04 (Peppermint 3), you’d be better off looking for another option … maybe one of the Firefox plugins (?)

If you're sticking with 12.04 (Peppermint 3), you'd be better off looking for another option .. maybe one of the Firefox plugins (?)

Any you recommend Mark?

which seems to work

it leaves an orange “download” button underneath youtube videos.

say no to it installing ffmpeg

Thanks Mark. I already have that orange download arrow underneath YT- and a box comes up saying I need ffmpeg to download them as mp3s, so I have to just download them as mp4 vids and convert in audacity- such a faff!


sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

then close Firefox and reopen it … then try again.

I did that Mark and tried to download a vid from YT. I saw the mp3 option there, clicked on it, it downloaded but into an flv with an error code saying that I have to “configure” the ffmpeg.

Try this one:
just underneath the video box on youtube you’ll see a “YTMP3 - Download as mp3” button … click it

then click the blue download link

Thanks- I see that blue arrow now- I will test it later- I am doing some coursework right now.

Mark it doesn’t download-says only 20 mins is allowed- so what I tried was larger than that.

These instructions are for Peppermint 3 (or any distro based on Ubuntu 12.04) ONLY.

Download these 2 files (in the order below) and install them in that order by double-clicking them:
and then:
you should then find a new menu item at:-
menu > Internet > Youtube DL GUI

paste the youtube URL into that and click the “Download” button.

If you only want audio, in Youtube DL GUI go to
Option > Audio
and put a tick in
Convert to Audio

Thank you Mark, I shall try that at the weekend and let you know how it goes!

Yeah…saved the files but they just sat there and didn’t appear on the internet tools.

You need to double-click then (in the order listed above) … then when gdebi opens, click the “Install” button.

Ok, will check that out at the weekend and get back to you, thanks Mark.