Videos no longer embedded on web forums/sites- SOLVED

Hey guys, it’s just happened tonight- when I go on forum or blog I noticed that embedded videos are just black space- not live, inactive. Why is this and what can I do?

It is happening in Firefox but not Chrome. Strange!!! Now I don’t like Chrome that much and wish to stay with Firefox as my main browser.

You’ve somehow broken the flashplugin … chrome contains its own.

What’s the output from:

dpkg -l | grep flash

I dunno how that could have happened Mark. Strange…

melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU ~ $ dpkg -l | grep flash
ii adobe-flash-properties-gtk 1:20151016.2-0precise1 GTK+ control panel for Adobe Flash Player plugin
ii adobe-flashplugin 1:20151016.2-0precise1 Adobe Flash Player plugin
rc flashplugin-installer Adobe Flash Player plugin installer
melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU ~ $

Maybe a Flash or Firefox update…

Unless you need the flashplayer properties front end, here’s what I’d do:

sudo apt-get remove --purge adobe-flash-properties-gtk adobe-flashplugin


sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer

then close ALL web browser instances, and reopen Firefox.

Now test flash.

Thanks Mark- it is working now. Maybe pic monkey will work now too…

You’re most welcome :slight_smile: