Viewing pictures in file manager

When I open a folder of jpg’s in Mint or Peppermint I only see the file type is there a way of seeing a small thumbnail?

Hi Toonman

Not 100% sure about Mint but in peppermint while in the directory your pictures are stored select "Edit>Preferences, under the “General” tab you will see “View Mode” click to show the drop down menu select “Thumbnail View”.

Depending on the size of your files you may have to increase the minimum file size to generate thumbnails this can be done by selecting the Display tab on the left pane, look for “Do not generate thumbnails exceeding this size” and increase the minimum file size accordingly

Good luck


Thanks Graeme. it’s slightly different in mint it would appear.

Ignore the bit about installing anything … just see if the settings preferences are as described here:


Thanks Mark and thanks Emegra for trying.

Thanks Mark and thanks Emegra for trying.

For my part your welcome (for all the good it did)

Anyway glad you got it working :slight_smile:


You’re welcome for the Mint half of the solution :slight_smile: