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And now for the C64 ?

I liked my VIC 20 :wink: :wink: but when I took a BASIC course at the Tech. we used a disc operated system.
You had an A and a B disc drive that used 5 ½" floppy discs. The OS came on one disk (probably why it was called a DOS) and you kept another disc and used it in the B drive. This disc was your working disc. I can’t remember the capacity of these disks but they held enough to keep the tutors happy. ;D
These machines were replaced by the BBC Micro. Oh happy days ;D

I remember reading this and when I found a netbook computer in the loft today I couldn’t help wonder if I could put Peppermint 5 on it.
The specs. I have are Samsung N145 Plus with Windows 7 starter. There is a sticker on the front that says Intel Atom inside.
At the moment it is downloading updates for the second time today (this time it is 48 updates) and I can’t see what the Control Panel says about memory etc.
Any help ?

Don W

You could always try to boot the Peppermint live USB - if it boots to a desktop, it’s a good sign ;D

I think I have a live USB stick. Will see about digging that out and see what happens.
Should I just use the whole HD for the installation ?

take care
Don W
Just had a look and all I have are blank USB sticks.
I will need to look for the thread on making a live USB stick
EDIT I have found a pen drive with I think Pep 5. Any problems I will start a new thread.

I’d be willing to bet Peppermint 5 will fly on :wink:

N450 is 64bit so you can install either 32bit or 64bit Peppermint

and the GMA3150 is now supposed to work under the intel drivers.

So I can’t see a problem … it’ll most certainly be quicker than Win7 Starter :wink:

Thanks Mark,
I have a live USB pen drive but it has Pep 4 on it.
The machine boots to the USB ok and runs ok, in fact it runs Peppermint from the USB stick faster than Win 7 starter does ;).
Now, will I make up an USB stick with Peppermint 5 ? and would I be better starting a new thread ?

take care
Don W
PS I have got the specifications :- Intel Atom CPU N455 @1.66GHz, RAM 1.00GB, 32 bit operating system.
When I open’ Disks’ in the menu in Peppermint 4 the HD is shown as 4 parttions
250 GB HD Filesystem Free Space Recovery
System Partition 2 111GB Partition 3
Partition 1 112 GB 27GB
Hope this makes some sense ::slight_smile:

Yeah go for Peppermint 5 … PM4 is “end of life”, where PM5 will be supported till 2019

You can follow my tutorial for an Acer Aspire One
but DO NOT do stages 8 and 9 (which are specific to the Acer hardware)

So you want to do stages 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,and 10

You also have the option to go for Peppermint 5 64bit (the tutorial links to 32bit Pepeprmint 5) if you want, but I can’t see any benefit (or harm) in that as you’re not going to have more than 4GB RAM anyway … but your call :wink:

Any questions, “yes” please start a new topic.