Vista can't use my USB Stick anymore?

Can someone help me.

I used my USB Stick to install Ubuntu 10.04 but it formatted it in such a way that i cannot use it with windows anymore.
could someone be nice enough and explain how i can revert it, so that i can use it with windows & ubuntu.

From within Ubuntu

Start the gnome Disk Utility Applications>Administration>Disk Utility
or from a terminal


When it starts, plug in your USB stick and look in the left hand panel for USB Flash Memory, delete any partition on the drive, then create a new partition of Type: Win95 Fat32 (0x0b)

Or install gparted either from synaptic
or from a terminal

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gparted

fire up Gparted Applications>Administration>Gparted
or from the terminal

sudo gparted

once Gparted starts, select the USB stick from the drop-down menu on the toolbar top right (if you have only 1 hard drive, the USB stick will probably be /dev/sdb)
delete all partitions, and create a new FAT32 partition

WARNING: be VERY carefull not to delete partitions on the wrong drive

From within Vista

Delete the Linux partitions and reformat the drive in Windows Disk Management…

  1. Click the Windows Vista Start button.
  2. Right-click Computer.
  3. Click Manage. The Computer Management window will open.
  4. Click Storage in the pane at left, then double-click Disk Management in the pane at right.
  5. Delete the Linux partitions on the USB drive.
  6. Create a FAT32 partition.

Or send us the output of

sudo fdisk -l

for some reason i can’t enter my password on terminal ??? ?

but i’ll just use the sypnatic manager.

You CAN enter your password in a terminal, but you won’t “see” anything being entered… just type it in and hit enter


working fine now [: