Wallpaper gone! (SOLVED)

Hi, guys

Having installed P5 on this laptop for a friend (which is working great) I decided to save a nice picture of North Yorkshire as wallpaper (saved to desktop)
which worked fine but left a thumbnail image on the desktop as well, which I duly sent to the trash! Unfortunately, in so doing, the wallpaper picture of N Yorks.
also disappeared and so did the original Peppermint wallpaper that was there after first install.

How can I get it back and how can I put a new wallpaper on, which doesn’t leave a thumbnail sized image also on the desktop and am also able to
reinstate the original Peppermint Wallpaper as and when I want to?

Any help gratefully accepted.


HI cicero

It sounds like the thumbnail image was the image file source for the wallpaper so when you trashed the thumbnail you trashed the wallpaper, I keep a folder called “Wallpapers” in my /home/pictures folder and keep all my wallpapers there ( I change a lot) alternatively you could place them in /usr/share/peppermint/wallpapers but you would have to do that as root.

You should still be able to retrieve your picture from the trash folder and try again, if you want the default wallpaper right click anywhere on the desktop select desktop preferences and navigate to /usr/share/peppermint/wallpapers it will be in there

Good luck


You can right-click on any image file and select "Set as Wallpaper … but if you the delete or move that image you’ll loose the desktop wallpaper and need to set another.

Default wallpapers are at

But as Emegra points out, it’s a good idea to create a folder called “Wallpapers” somewhere in your home folder … place any images in there … then right-click them and select “Set as Wallpaper”.

Hi, Mark

I have given the laptop back now but when I get the chance I’ll do as you and Emegra have suggested.

The default wallpaper is a bit dark so she wanted to have something brighter which I did but with unexpected consequences!!

Incidentally, P5 seems really good and is running without a hitch and as it’s to be supported long term is also a bonus.

Many thanks.


Happy to hear you like it :slight_smile: