Warp drive, coming to a NASA starship near you ?

Not quite sure what to make of this:


Where’s the “Buy Now” button ?! ;D

Are you sure you want one ? … have you considered NASA’s track record with landing stuff on Mars ?

I’ll wait for a British or maybe even German version … that’ll bring a whole new meaning to Mercedes M-Class :wink:


Or did I miss the sarcasm in your comment ? :slight_smile:

Hmm… I wonder if they (NASA) has checked if this warp drive is not already patented by an intergalactic being far far away ???
They would not want to get into a patent war over this. ;D

All they need to do is get Apple to build it with rounded corners … sorted :wink:

I asked a friend at a UK university who works in this field and she said it is a possibility within the next 20 years… I find it very exciting as at present the best we could hope for is 90% of light speed using Ion engines or about 6 years to our nearest star but much less to our local planets.

Lol… imagine the payouts in law-suits…

Oh no… Don’t get Apple started with ANOTHER law-suit, they’ve thrown enough around already…

Best not use wind turbines, they don’t last all that long, and they’re so unsightly you’d get all these protesters trying to stop it at it’s maiden flight lol

Joking aside, how would they test the prototypes and where? they would need a huge range. What about the power/speed build up, wouldnt they need to do this in space as when it ‘gets going’ where will it go and how/when will it stop and get ‘back home’. It’s a risky business…