webmin install

Hi guys so been began to install webmin and run in to this:

root@makin:/home/flux/home/home# rpm -ivh webmin-1.410-1.noarch.rpm
rpm: RPM should not be used directly install RPM packages, use Alien instead!
rpm: However assuming you know what you are doing…
error: Failed dependencies:
/bin/sh is needed by webmin-1.410-1.noarch
/usr/bin/perl is needed by webmin-1.410-1.noarch
/bin/rm is needed by webmin-1.410-1.noarch

I’m assuming I need to install some other stuff.

Any help would be much appreciated.

You don’t want the .rpm package, you want the .deb package:


double-click to install.

dpkg -i webmin_1.520_all.deb

from the command line

.rpm packages are for Redhat based distros

.deb packages are for Debian based distros, such as Ubuntu, Mint, Debian (obviously), etc.
(.deb packages will have the dependencies sorted out for you upon installation)

It is possible to install .rpm files in Ubuntu, but you would want to install the alien package.

Always try to get your software in this order -

  1. from the repositories (synaptic/apt-get/aptitude)… (dependencies sorted for you).
    1a) it is possible to add repositories.
  2. if not in the repositories, download from the web but get the .deb package… (dependencies probably sorted for you).
  3. if no .deb is available, then it’s a toss up between converting an .rpm package to a .deb package with alien, or building from source… (dependencies and build packages may have to be manually installed).

Cheers that helped clear up a few things for me with all package types.

Im using Wget to download it on to my server. Will see how i get on once i try installing it.


I installed webmin. When i use firefox via ssh -X session and check which the port is set to in the config. I just get problem loading page.

Any ideas.
Can confirm other things open via ssh -X session


netstat -napt | grep LISTEN

To see if the port you want is open … and if it is, which port it’s listening on …

Is that a typo… AFAIK webmin’s default port is 10000 not 1000 ?

I set it to 1000 in the config.