Website Design ?

Ive been searching for a new website design, and emailed a few designers, but for some reason non have got back to me within 48hrs, so not holding hope on them making me a design, but one thing i did notice is none of these sites actually give prices, have to email for quotation which is understandable, obviously depends on the job but anyone know a rough price i would expect to pay.

You can see my current design here. as you can see its not that good and my graphics skills well suck :slight_smile:

Basic requirements (Hosting website)

Nice sleek design
fully integrated into WHMCS billing system
Easy way to change prices (not graphics maybe database values)
will need a logo design too (vector format so logo can be scaled easily for promo pruducts)

cant think of anything else of top of my head.

Mmm, you missed “nice fast server hosted in the UK” … :wink:

For what it’s worth, some people do publish pricing. My site is here;

We do servers too! :wink:

hehe well im using servers in US atm for my hosting company mainly because of costs its alot cheaper than UK servers if my business really kicks off and the need arises to get UK based servers then i know where to look :slight_smile:

And thanks for the link :slight_smile:

im using servers in US atm for my hosting company mainly because of costs its alot cheaper than UK

Can I ask what you pay for US hosting? (I didn’t think the UK/US prices were that different??)

PM sent

If you don’t mind doing your own systems admin, my employer does ‘dedicated’ servers:

We do do managed servers, but they’re a lot more expensive, as you’re paying for our sysadmins (me!) :slight_smile:

Our website should be re-invigorated by the end of this month…

I would recommend Encryptec, depending on your usage, you might be able to live on a VPS from them :slight_smile: (full disclosure: I used to work for encryptec :))

ive been messing around with the linux logo on photo shop il put a link up when im don but i want to know if you others think the site needs a new logo??

Everyone loves tux!

Seriously though, if you want to create a new logo, no-one is going to stop you! No guarantee that it’ll be used, but if you feel like it, go ahead :slight_smile: