Welcome to the future.

Ladies, Lads. Welcome to the future. Ubuntu for Android.

What is it?

Ubuntu for Android is two separate operating systems installed into one device (i.e. Smartphone/Tablet) and both run at the same time.

How does it work?

It works like this. You’ll use the Android OS like you would use Android for a smartphone or tablet. Then when you “dock” your device, your PC becomes a fully fledged desktop, and works like Ubuntu normally but with full access to your android apps, contacts, messages, calls etc etc.

Want to see it in action?

Here you go:

Ubuntu running on Android MWC 2012 same kernel

Ubuntu for Android at MWC - AndroidCentral.com

My favourite part is were they access the Windows 7 server and use Office on the cloud. That’s just genius!


I was looking at an ubuntu installer on the android market yesterday but you needed to be rooted to use it.

I think your the only Android user I know that isn’t rooted. D:

No me too :-[ but not for long. don’t know if I should root now or wait for Sony to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich at the end of March. I don’t know if the upgrade will re-root.

Come on Mark! you will have to get an Andriod device to join the club. :wink:

If I were you, just wait till ICC. You’ll still be able to root, but will most likely have to wait until someone at XDA finds a way, which shouldn’t take long hahaha.

I don’t have an Android either. I’m waiting until Samsung release the S3 of the Galaxy S. The specs are awesome. 2GB of RAM and a 1.2Ghz ARM processor. Pretty impressive stuff for a phone. Will also have a 12 mega-pixel camera and 64GB of internal storage with the ability to expand to a MicroSD. :smiley:

I’m still fighting the urge :wink:


“Still stuck in the past”.

I think with you being an old-timer… most likely stuck in the past. :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile:

Cheeky git … probably true, but you’re still a cheeky git :stuck_out_tongue:

That I am. That I am. XD

Is they a way to root the s2 using LINUX?
I’ve been wanting to do it but don’t have a windross box anymore.
If not, is there a way to root gingerbread without a pc at all.
I rooted my sgs on 2.1 with z4root and run oclf.

There is a way of rooting straight from the handset but it is too long and complicated for me to go through, also I have not done it. The latest edition of ‘Andriod Magazine’ shows you how. For some reason Tesco’s seem to be the only place selling it, though I am not sure about WH Smith. The latest edition has a ‘whiteish’ front to it.

Honestly I’m not the best person to ask that. You’d be better off going to the Android forums and asking someone there. If not, you can always install Winshit in a VM and root it that way.