We're live! Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal 12.10 Alpha-1 released!

ANNNNNND(!), so we go live! The first alpha release of Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal has been released, and don’t go expecting huge changes because there isn’t ANY.

Apart from some big applications getting packages updated, 12.10a1 shipping with Firefox 14 beta and Rhythmbox getting a few minor visual tweaks, and the Update manager being renamed to Software Updater, there’s really nothing to excite you about it.



Source: OMG! Ubuntu!

Ahh … now I “get” the title of that website …

OMG Ubuntu … renaming the Update manager … brilliance at work (sarcasm) … OMG Ubuntu :wink:

Maybe the website needs renaming to WTF! Ubuntu!

So now newbies that search Google for “problem with software updater”, are going to wonder why little is returned, and the returns probably contain lots of generic stuff about software updating in Windows.

Like I said … brilliance at work ::slight_smile:

Though I must add … I’m surprised they didn’t try to claim it by making it the UBUNTU software updater :wink:

If I’m honest, in the whole of the English, “updater” has to be one of the most, awkward words. I would’ve thought “Update Center” would’ve tied in so much better with USC.

I guess Mark S, wants to be awkward.

Although this renaming the update manager business is old news. It was announced just after the release of Precise.

I really don’t care if it’s grammatically correct (which BTW, it IS), and I doubt if this is the reason they’re changing it (no matter what they say) … it WILL cause problems for new users, and is TOTALLY unnecessary.

And the idiots on that site that are saying things like “Update Manager” is ambiguous and could also mean that it updates hardware … if you’re really that stupid, you shouldn’t be allowed to use a computer in the first place.

How effing thick would you need to be to not understand what an OS’s “Update Manager” does … erm, it manages updates to the OS/software dumb*ss.

Christ … open it up (and it does this automatically) and it’s self evident what it does … if not, go back to bed and call a doctor you have a SERIOUS problem ::slight_smile:


BTW, this is aimed at the mindless plebs on OMG Ubuntu that are all arguing about the correct use of grammar, rather than questioning if it’s a necessary change, and whether it will cause more problems than it solves.

OMG Ubuntu seems full of kids to me … not a reflection on OMG Ubuntu … more it’s (vocal) readers :slight_smile:

Haha, you just made everyone on that site (vocal readers) go full retard.

I too, didn’t see the point in changing the name of such a basic program.

In my experience that is 90% of computer users.

I believe you mean the people who don’t understand binary. :wink:

Wouldn’t that be 1011010% of computer users then ?