What an Apple device has to say about Linux.

Remember that iPhone, you know the one made by Apple… Well according to Siri, they’re “flagship” app, take a guess at what it thinks is the best operating system.

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Heh… I like it, that darn app knows its stuff :slight_smile:

I know. The phone is smarter than the people that work there. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, Apple is good for something :wink:

Apparently not… Responses are likely to get tweaked if Apple does not like them.

I’d like to know if it still reckons Linux is the best OS

a major company developer with a sense of humour and honesty?,more of it please. :smiley:

who can blame siri for being a traitor to his company?
OSX is the equivilent of mechanicly recovered,water injected meat,in other words; they badly butchered UNIX,pulled off the worst bits and bulked it out with superficial stuff to make it look good,*BSD has made a much better use of UNIX than that dogs dinner ever managed [no offence to mac users,personaly loved the old macintoshes and PPC macs but the OS has got dumbed down in its efforts to be ‘user friendly’ and more difficult to navigate with every version.]