What distributions would you want specifically covered here?

I noticed that Ubuntu and PeppermintOS have their own forums, so why aren’t there other distributions that are widely popular (such as Arch, Debian, etc.) covered here too - like most Linux forums seem to have? I guess here, you can feel free to suggest to the admins any popular distributions that you feel deserve a special place on the forums for discussion.

Thanks for answering and giving your suggestions. ^^

Welcome to the forum Lotta.

I loved my old AA1’s but yeah they’re a bit long in the tooth these days.

I think you meant to respond to the other thread I posted in… ^^

Ooops, yeah I think I did :-[

Anyway, Ubuntu has it’s own topic because (with the spinoffs) it accounts for the vast majority of questions.

Peppermint basically because I create Peppermint and there was some call on here for a separate forum.

Basically there’s never been much call for others, but if/when there is…

Ah, I see. Makes sense, I suppose ^^

Maybe it’s time that the community could speak out to try to help improve LinuxForums. This forum is simple enough to attract many UK Linux users, and I feel that maybe there would be more users if we added more specific distribution help (and maybe hire a few local moderators to help out who are experienced in specific distros).

Hire ?

You do realise this is a “community” forum right ?

I don’t mean it in the traditional sense. :stuck_out_tongue: