What do we think of the new Forum software?

You only get one vote so choose wisely! :wink:

If I may add, I’ve been a part of many online forums, and this forum format is the best one I’ve come across.
It’s a massive step up from the old one and well be fantastic once the admins get to grips with it. :}

once the admins get to grips with it

What are you trying to say ?! :wink:

This is actually a Beta version of the Forum (well RC2) , there is actually a new revision out today (RC3) however we’ll probably hang with this version until the release … when we upgrade it’s bound to break something … :-\

Two suggestions:

First, it might be an idea to separate the General Discussion section into a General Discussion (for stuff like discussing which distro is better, what Mac gaming means for linux, etc.) forum & Truly Off-Topic (for stuff like discussing which was the best Star Trek captain, “Hello, I’m . . .” topics, etc.)

Secondly, a spoiler feature for posts. They’re very useful when formatting your post.


See how many of them have posted massive chat logs, then put them in spoilers to organise their post and so they don’t take up half the web page.


Here, my screen caps would have been 5 times bigger than my post, and would have hidden the text I put in the middle, I would have liked to have put them in spoilers to hide them, but I had to use links instead.

(Also, is the verification thing really necessary on every post? Surly only new topics should need this. :p)

Mmm, I’m sort of inclined to think there may be better places for off-topic stuff (?) , this is after all the Linux Forum and not the Star Trek Forum! :wink:

However your spoiler idea sounds good … I’ve installed this;

Anyone care to see if it works ? :slight_smile:

Argh, no!

ALL the formating buttons have gone.

Though it works if you’ve already memorised the code.

EDIT: And the spoilers should really have a [show] button, the ‘hover to show’ thing doesn’t work for me and feels unapplealing anyway.

Incase the spoiler thing doens’t work for you either:
“Though it works if you’ve already memorised the code.”

works for me but indeed clicking show spoiler is much better just encase you accidentally hover over and see whats there. I use my mouse pointer to read sometimes and this obviously effects people who do the same :slight_smile:

Ok, changed the spoiler option to “button click” and fixed the broken spoiler icon in the editor toolbar …

How’s it look now?

Derp, was going to post & say 'No, it doesn’t work. Spoiler button takes you to the main page & the formating buttons are still gone."

But then I checked the url, then realised that noscript was blocking. ¬¬
I keep forgetting that I need to allow websites that I havn’t visited in 7, because I do most of my browsing in Ubuntu where I only have a handfull of addins.

Anyway, everythings fine & peachy with the new forums. :slight_smile:

Mmm, I tried no-script for a while … got to be too painful so I had to turn it off after a day or so …

One more thing.
Make the [new] flags appear before the topic titles rather than after, so you can scroll your eye down the same are of the page for every page, because at the moment the different topic title lengths can make it bothersome to spot the flags.

(Or change the colour of something about the topic.)

Mmm, how’s that grab you now ?

you def cant miss it :slight_smile: i preferred it at the end myself but now everyone’s happy :slight_smile: