What do you think of Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

Here are my first impressions…

If Ubuntu were trying to pass Oneiric off as a showcase for what Unity can do, I’m missing their point altogether. OK iI’ve only been using it for a day so maybe I’ll find these things, but they seem to have taken more functionality OUT than they’ve added.

Stuff I like (so far) -
I like having the single Dash home in the launcher bar rather than separate lenses.
I like Dash’s single search feature that covers everything (applications/files/music/downloadable apps)
Dash is somewhat prettier.
The Tablet setup in System Settings … though I don’t know if it works … let’s hope so :slight_smile:

Things I can’t find (or no longer exist) -
Screensavers… though I don’t use them, I can’t find any… I’ve read on the interweb that the devs decided we no longer need them… how nice of them.
Font management… again something I don’t really do, but I cannot find any way to change the system fonts, other than to make them larger.
Rght-click menu’s… no longer contains an option “Create Launcher” … I don’t get this at all.

Stuff that has annoyed the hell out of me -
Appearance now only seems to allow you to change the desktop wallpaper and theme… no way (that I can find) to customise a theme.
Not being able to create “Launchers” … I NEED the ability to (at least) create launchers for my NAS drive etc… it CAN be done, but it’s now a command line affair… see HERE.
Mounting the NAS drive in /media no longer automagically creates an icon on the desktop… even more reason to need a “Create Launcher” right-click menu item.
The Launcher Bar no longer has the area at the top left of the screen that forces it to appear… not good when half the time moving your mouse to the far left DOESN’T result in the Launcher Bar appearing, so you’re back to the keyboard.
When the launcher does present itself by moving your mouse to the left, it seems to have a longer delay than in Natty.
Nautilus seems to crash a lot, particularly if opened as root.

Thing I’ve found mildly irritating -
It took me ages to find how to stop the screen from turning itself off after a few minutes… it’s now in its own system settings item (Screen) … they seem to have done a lot of this kind of thing… separating things into their own, such as Power management/Screen locking/Displays all have their own separate item in System Settings.
Screen Settings them selves… if you select an item, then close it, it also closes System Settings so if you want to change 2 or more settings you’ll have to enter System Settings multiple times… kind of a pain now they’ve separated everything off into their own items.
nautilus-gksu no longer seems to work … so no “Open as Administrator” option.

Like I said, they seem to have taken more out than they’ve put in… yet somehow managed to make it fell slower than Natty… maybe this is imagined, but it sure feels that way to me.

I’m sure as I use it more I’ll find some more things I like, along with others I don’t … but so far I’m NOT impressed.

It’s a really pity because I’d grown to like Natty/Unity … but Ubuntu seem to be going further and further down the road of form over function with a “we know best, and you’ll have it the way we say” attitude.

I’d find Oneiric harder to recommend to Windows users than Natty … for the first time I seem to be in a position where the Windows users would probably bitch about missing features and the inability to (easily) customise the interface to your own requirements.

Nope, NOT IMPRESSED … so far :wink:

So you don’t like it then? :wink:

That is a lot of issues Mark. Do you think 12.04 will be better? Will they listen?

Hmm … I’d like to think so … but I’m beginning to seriously doubt it >:(

We shall have to wait and see. I still can’t find a reason to upgrade from 10.10. In fact I’m glad I havn’t.

I actually liked 11.04 after a while … the interface was different, but it had most if not all of the functionality of Maverick.

The interface (after a short learning curve) was IMHO an improvement.

It must be said I didn’t like Unity at first though … learning new ways, etc. … but it grew on me.

I’m having problems with Oneric for a different reason… it seems a step backwards from Natty, with missing features etc.

I have only been using Oneric for a day though so I’ll give it a while … if I’d ditched Natty on first impressions, I’d have missed out on some of the benefits.

This all seems very daunting, I was going to upgrade to it when it came out. Then last night I thought, na stuff it. I’m quite happy with Natty atm, even if there is a couple of things that bug me. The way Ubuntu is going seems to be in the the wrong direction. One of the reasons I moved to Linux overall was the “you can have control of your computer anyway you wish!” feel. Now it’s heading, dare I say it, in the way Windows is/has been. Not impressed at all, I may consider going to Fedora 6 to freshen up my journey through the world of Linux.

Fedora “6” ? … that’s a long way back :wink: … typo ?

Fedora are currently on 15, with 16 beta available.

Problem is I like the apt tools too much, and can’t be bothered with .rpm’s.

I’m currently watching Debian for GNOME 3 support … I fancy taking GNOME 3 for a spin, but want a Debian based distro.

Still not quite at the “jump ship” stage yet though … I’m still hoping Ubuntu comes together, Ubuntu’s been pretty damn good so far so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that they’ll pull it all together in time.

I hope :wink:

I originally thought Natty/Unity was a bad move, turns out I was wrong … so far I’m not impressed with Oneric, but who knows maybe that will grow on me too (though I doubt it ATM) … but one bad release … I’ll wait for 12.04 at least and see if they are STILL heading in the wrong direction. After all, the move to Unity was kind of forced on them by GNOME dropping GNOME 2.xx, and Unity must still be seen as “under development”.

Yes that very much was, a typo lol. Ubuntu has been good to me for the most part, but I fancy taking another distro for a spin, and I REALLY want to take Gnome 3 & GTK3 for a spin as well. I’ve seen so many nice themes come out for GTK3 & Gnome 3 as well. Makes me want to cry. Although, saying that, KDE4 looks ok, but it’s not up my street.

I was reading that GNOME 3 breaks all the themes and stuff that people are releasing at every upgrade point … so GNOME 3 isn’t in any better of a position than Unity … they are both still maturing.

I’m absolutely not interested in an .rpm distro.

That said, I would like to test drive GNOME 3 but will wait for a Debian based distro to FULLY support it.

I’m sure I read that it’s possible to install GNOME 3 in Oneiric through a PPA … I’ll check that out in a week or two.

I may install a .rpm distro in a VM later, and find out what the craze is with the new kids. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure I read that Oneiric now FULLY supports GTK3, and also comes with the choice of Gnome 3 (don’t quote me on that). What I would like to test drive though is the new distro eOS, or Elementary OS when I releases. Pantheon looks very minimalistic, and very lightweight which would be awesome, because I need as much CPU as possible.

P.S. Help in that other thread please.

OK, Oneiric is growing on me :slight_smile:

I’ve just installed the GNOME 3 shell, and I must say so far I prefer it to Unity … though it still suffers the configuration issues I mentioned earlier it seems to have solved a few too.

The launcher bar appears immediately, but only when I want it to (no more accidentally sliding it out) … IMHO it’s a much more elegant solution than the Unity launcher bar

Nautilus is more stable, and no longer crashes when opened as adminitrator … though you still have to start it (as admin) from the command line, ie. nautilus-gksu is still broken.

And call me superficial, but it’s much prettier than Unity too :wink:

I’ve only been using it for about 45 mins, so I’ll report back later on how I’m getting on with it… but so far I like it.

For those that are running Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, and want to give the GNOME 3 shell a whirl…

sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

Then REBOOT (logging off/on isn’t enough)

Then when you get to the new login screen… click the little gear icon, select Gnome, then login as usual.

You can switch back to Unity from the same place.

Damn you Mark :frowning: your making me want to really test Oneiric now. I’ve got an 8GB memory stick, but I think the partition table on it is corrupted. If I could fix it, I’d be able to test Oneiric. Damn it :frowning:

Installed Virtaulbox in 11.10 (Oneiric), and what’s the first thing you need to do ? … add your user to the vboxusers group :slight_smile:

So I searched for Users and Groups … Would you believe it, though there is a place in System setting to add User Accounts, there is no GUI application for managing which groups users belong to ???

OK, I could have added myself to the vboxuses group from the command line with:
sudo usermod -aG vboxusers

But the lack of a GUI for managing groups is going to confuse some beginners.

Anyway, you can easily add the “normal” Users and Groups GUI by running:

sudo apt-get install gnome-system-tools

You can then find it with the Unity or GNOME 3 application search box … Just search for Users and Groups

Me thinks they’ve dumbed down 11.10 a bit too much.

It sounds like it anyway.

OK, 11.10 and GNOME 3 have convinced me to stick with it … I’m quickly learning ways round its shortcomings and foibles and am Mightily impressed with the GNOME 3 desktop environment.

That’s not to say there aren’t issues that currently are unsolvable … elsewhere on this forum someone asked for help with getting an HP 3070a printer working, after some homework I discovered that the 3070 was only supported in hplip 3.11.10 (Oneiric comes with 3.11.7) so I though “easy, just download/install the latest version” … erm, nope, in the 64bit version of Ubuntu 11.10 they have changed the path to where 32bit libraries are kept, so currently it’s imossible (AFAIK) to install the latest HPLIP in 64bit Oneiric … something I thought you should be made aware of … I have no doubt this will get sorted, but it’s an issue ATM.

That said, as I personally don’t have a need for the latest HPLIP I must say I haven’t found anything which is (for me) a showstopper … so I wouldn’t consider going back to 11.04 … IMHO, GNOME 3 really is that good, and will only get better :slight_smile:

But as always, check for known issues before jumping in :slight_smile:

Currently in a VM with Oneiric Ocelot loaded and I actually like it in someways. Seems to be extremely fast, even in a VM with about 2GB of ram. I’m very tempted, to switch but I hear that the upgrade process from Natty to Oneiric isn’t so smooth. So I wont bother risking it.

Stuff I like (so far)

I like the new LightDM login screen. It far more please to look at, rather than the old Mac style login which I do like as well, but the new one is a nice touch.
I like the new Ubuntu Software Center, apart from the home page, everything else is far easier to navigate. I especially like the Ïnstalled tab. I reckon even newbies would like it, as it’s much easier to navigate to the program you want to uninstall since everything is categorized.
The Dash. I like the new lenses, the all in one search bar and it seems to be far prettier than Natty Narwhal’s.
Gnome-shell. Ive found I preferred it, within seconds of switching to it.

Stuff I’ve found very annoying

The bloatware installed when you install it. Things like Games, and Libre Office. I never use them so I have no need for them.
Some of the keyboard keys not working. Like the apostrophes, I can seem to use that key or the up arrow symbol.
Having no Create Launcher option in the right-click context menu. If I were to install 11.10 I NEED to be able to create a launcher, so I guess it’ĺl be back to the command line.
The system settings menu and all of its new categories. I don’t know what Mr Shuttlesworth was smoking when he came up with this idea to split everything into its own category. There are some things which needed their own, but things like Screen could easily have been merged with Monitors? No?

Stuff that I cant seem to find anymore

System Monitor? Where did this go in the System settings menu? I’ve searched for it and couldn’t find it. Found that very strange.

Overall I’m not totally sold on Oneiric Ocelot. Having used it in anger and being in a VM, it does seem to be faster than what Natty is on my laptop. Gnome-Shell is very pretty, it would be a reason I’d move along with the performance, and the new login screen which I could look at for hours. I like Oneiric, but theres too much bloatware I think that wasn’t considered carefully. Things like Tomboy notes, who really uses this program anymore? Another thing I think many people don’t use is the default games. I don’t find these particularly interesting and it’s not that they’re not racing games, I like other games too, but the default games seem so… boring. I’m pretty sure I’ve probably missed things out but from what I used and tested, I don’t get that oh look at this! a brand new Ubuntu OS which is VERY SHINY! feel.

I feel Canonical have made some stupid mistakes and some right choices that perhaps should’ve made it into Natty before. I don’t want to know what software is available for download in my dash. My dash is there to search and/or launch things. Not for advertisement. Another thing which really p*ssed me off was the number of different categories now available in the System settings menu like I stressed earlier. Having too many menus is just too confusing. If I want to goto say, my monitor to change anything related to it, everything related to the monitor should just be under Monitor. Not, Monitor, Screen etc etc. I feel that perhaps newbies would get intimidated by this. The system settings really needs to be simplified a lot. Its nice of them to think perhaps splitting stuff up into different categories might help, but it really doesn’t. Another thing I honestly do not like, is this new homepage from the USC. I just want to search for a program, install it/remove it and then get the hell out of there. USC isn’t an app store.

So no, not impressed. Too many broken things, or just too messy. Polished on the surface, but underneath it’s like a jungle.

As I’ve said previously, most of the issues I had with Oneiric can be overcome, and I suppose which software that is installed by default will *always" be contentious.

This may help:

Natty came with LibreOffice ? … and if they didn’t add it, people would moan … the “bloatware” would be considered by many as necessary software … and there’s nothing stopping you from uninstalling it.

I have always hated the USC, and preferred Synaptic … so another thing I found odd was that you have to install Synaptic if you want it through the USC first, but that soon got done.

I’m surprised by the missing System Monitor … it’s installed on mine … not in “Settings”, but search for it as you would any other application and it should be there.
Check gnome-system-monitor is installed, I can’t remember installing it so I’m pretty sure it was installed by default

Can’t agree more about the lack of right-click “Create Launcher”, and the mess they’ve made of “Settings” … but that said, neither are show stoppers as once you have the system set up you spend very little time with them anyway.

Unity … well there are a few nice touches, but it just doesn’t feel right to me, specially the removal of the button (top left of screen) to bring it out … half the time you intentionally move the mouse to the left of screen to bring out the launcher and nothing happens, but you can guarantee that if you go near the left of screen accidentally, out it pops just to annoy you.

I MUCH prefer the gnome shell solution … much more elegant :slight_smile:

I now consider GNOME 3 a terrific dektop and wouldn’t go back to GNOME 2.x or Unity if someone paid me.

Most of your conversation is above me, but I have found System Monitor in “System Settings” - at least it is in Classic View that Mark helped me install.
I don’t like icons in general and feel more at home with words and menu lists. That might change if eyesight fails!
Some initial problems after installing 11.10 have gone as updates have flooded in - just a few left with individual applications.

No wonder you aren’t using Unity or Gnome Shell then :slight_smile: … they are both much more icon/launcher/workspace oriented.

What problems are you still having ? … maybe we can help or make some suggestions :slight_smile:

As I say - problems are disappearing as the updates flood in.
One was when clicking on “Places/Home Folder” (Classic view, remember) It tried to open it as if it were an image folder. Not a problem as I could get there by another route. But that’s been fixed after an update. I think it does still do that elsewhere, but I can’t remember where - I’ll get back to you when I encounter it again.
This reminds me to post an item on the Pinta Image Editor.

I bought a few V11.10 discs to spread the word about Linux, but I do begin to despair that the originators of Ubuntu are inadvertently developing a Microsoft mind-set. Making changes and adding visual tricks just because they can. I feel this is not in the spirit of Linux. Having said that, if I am to use a “low level” flavour of Linux, I shall have to make an effort to learn more about the workings and get to grips with terminal commands (I nearly wrote DOS commands!). Apparently there is a Haines Manual on Linux - I shall report when purchased.