what is a keyring password on peppermint 2? (SOLVED)

Hi all, and a happy new year
Just today installed BT infinity, now each time i want to use the net i have to manually type the router password, then it asks me for the keyring password? I dont know if thats the application that stores the router password so to let me connect automatically each time? i never had this problem with standard bt broadband and homehub 3, this is homehub 5
i now know my root password is the keyring password. each time i switch off the netbook and switch it on again it asks for the keyring password, once i type it in it connects to the router.
is there a way to switch this keyring password off? would like to automatically connect.
Thanks for any help

Hi john-i-am

Here’s a link describing how to remove the keyring password


Good luck


hi graeme
thanks for that, i will give it a shot