What is this?

How’d it get there and how do I get rid of it?
It is persistent even after a re start.

(see attachment)

Well it appears to be connected to cairo but still can’t work out how to remove it.

What is what ? … the terminasl at the top of the screen ?

Does it reappear if you log off/on again ?

Has it always done it since you installed Cairo-Dock ?

Sorry Mark, yes the terminal.
It stays across log off/on and restarts.
No, it wasn’t there originally. It appeared on the dock and I accidentally dragged it to the desktop and now can’t get rid of it.
If I shut down cairo it goes away but comes back when cairo is restarted.

See here:
for how to deal with cairo applets that have been dragged to the desktop (desklet)

Does that X top left of terminal close it ?

Can it be dragged back to the dock ?

If you right-click it … is it locked ?

What happens if you click top right ?

Unlock it … and see if you can then close it.