What linux os is the least take power from the computer?

And that is also user friendly?
And it is also the most user friendly?
I am entangled with linux lubuntu os.

Personally I’d say PeppermintOS or maybe Xubuntu

Be aware, I’m one of the team that creates Peppermint … you can read into that whatever you will :wink:

@rami, do you still have Linuxmint Mate Installed? That one is very easy and not bad on resources, your pc should be able to use that.

“I am entangled with linux lubuntu os.” Lubuntu is easy and not bad on Resources, you still having problems with that?

Remember, always Install the LTS “Long Term Support”, do this next time you install a new distro. And, like I taught you, always check the Hash, and maybe even Verify the DVD Image: md5sum, Sha1-2. Sha256.

Here is the Hash for your 15.10 Install I believe, it will be the one at the bottom of the second link provided below: 8890a2a4a6bb4c2e35c0fcbb81650086271ff9229b96ec6684d045fa13a33d29


If you need help start another thread about this. It is easy to do if you have GtkHash Installed, and it should be in Lubuntu. You might as well learn this rami, if you are going to keep running installing linux.