What make videos play outside browsers?

Hi, I’m Ubuntu user, and I always used QuiteRSS (a feed reader). I’m glad they have a Linux version, but there’s something weird. On windows, I was able to play videos inside the program. Specifically videos posted on tumblr, but I’m can’t do that anymore. Whats the difference between Windows and Linux playing videos inside applications like this? Maybe it’s the shock-wave (sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pipelight/stable * sudo apt-get update * sudo apt-get install --install-recommends pipelight-multi)?
I’m asking because I always thought things like Shock-wave only worked on web browsers.

Can you give me an example website and state which web browser you’re using, because shockwave flash video plays in the web browser for me … in fact all video plays in the web browser for me.

That said, silverlight/pipelight may be an exception because it’s not natively supported in Linux … but if I remember correctly it still should.

Oops, I believe I wasn’t being clear. What I’m asking it’s how Linux works to play videos. When still using Windows, I made this post there https://quiterss.org/en/forums/questions/playing-videos; the same feature doesn’t work on Ubuntu, so I believe there’s some plug-in missing or maybe they really don’t this for Linux. I have all the restricted ones, so I thought maybe it’s shockwave.

Are you saying the video here:
doesn’t automatically play INSIDE the web browser ?

if so, which web browser ?

lol ;D, I mean QTRSS’s embedded browser; (so, for me outside browsers are Mozilla and chrome and so… ???).

Okay you’re not explaining this very well (or I’m being too dense to understand, which is a distinct possibility) … how can I replicate your issue so I can see what you mean ?

Hahahaha, right…you are a nice guy and you want to be updated about everything happing in the world. So you download Quiterss, a news reader. But you are a great Tumblr fan, and you like to watch videos that people uploaded there inside Quiter without bothering yourself to copy the link and paste on your Mozilla. Then, one day, you decide to leave Windows and use Linux, and you don’t like Liferea (they don’t have journal view mode :'() at all, sou you download Quiter for Linux, and then, BAN! The videos you used to watch inside Quiter are not playing anymore with Linux. You have to copy and paste on your Mozilla >:(. So you ask yourself, whats happening? It’s the flash player? The shockwave?
That’s the end of the story ???.

OK, QuiteRSS seems to work fine for me (video included):-
(BTW, I’m not really into baby goats … it was just the first Tumblr feed I found to test … honestly :slight_smile: )


How did you install QuiteRSS, and the flashplayer ?

Oh, Nice! I used the The Ubuntu center. The came while installing the Linux, I guess. Did you use the terminal?

Yeah, I downloaded the .deb from their PPA.

That said, I can’t see that it should make a difference to how video plays (though I guess there’s a possibility) :-\

What’s the output from:

uname -a


dpkg -l | grep flash


update-alternatives --display x-www-browser


update-alternatives --display gnome-www-browser