What programming, scripting or technology I need to learn?

Hello mates,

I’m really interested in developing technologies and how to use it to facilitate our lives. And what specifically takes my attention is automation and machine control or in other terms M2M (Machine to machine). For example, My next project is a smartphone (basically android) that’s pre-identified to a router, a PC is connected to the router using ethernet, once the the phone auto detects and connects to the wireless router (through SSID credentials), it will send a command to turn on the switched off PC (wake on lan). That was one example.

The question is, what do I need to learn to create or develop such ideas? A scripting language? Python? bash? android? c language? or something bigger?

Is it a matter of a few lines of scripting or I have to develop a whole new software/program?

apparently it’s an open source thing, and I have skills in linux systems already.

Need your support and opinions.

I don’t really see where Linux fits in, as you’d be looking at Android here, UNLESS your router is actually a Linux PC rather than a normal Linksys/Superhub/etc box. In which case, you could probably do it in bash on the router, but you may need a small C/C++ program to actually call the wake on LAN stuff