What Tablet and or Mobile?

Hi all,
If you have GNU/Linux as your OS of choice on your laptop/PC, what mobile phone and or tablet do you use and why?

Hi Gordonbp, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’d suspect most people are going to say Android, simply because:-

a) Market Share
b) It’s Linux under the hood
c) Connectivity options.

But myself, well I have an iPhone … the reasons

  1. I ‘inherited’ it from my youngest son (who’s an Apple fan, my oldest swears by Android) … so it was free.
  2. Connection issues (such as the lack of iTunes under Linux) don’t bother me … the only thing I’d ever need to do is transfer photos, which you can do.
  3. To me, iOS seems much more cohesive and intuitive than Android
  4. iPhones ALL receive regular updates for the life of the phone, irrespective of carrier, not just the premium models for the first few years, and if your carrier can be bothered.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m the last person you’d call an Apple fan … I think their PC’s are overpriced (all glitter) rubbish … but in its stock form iOS just feels like a better experience to me as a ‘device’ OS.

One of the main issues I have with Android is the way updates are rolled out … because most carriers modify stock Android, updates are down to them, and they have no incentive to roll out updates for older models as Google release them. iPhones on the other hand get iOS updates directly from Apple immediately and (pretty much) indefinitely.

That said, if I had a need for connectivity software I’d probably go Android.

In short:-

Android has more options, and is less locked down.

iOS is (IMHO) a smoother experience, and receives regular updates … but is more locked down, and has limited connectivity options particularly with a Linux PC

So it really depends on what you expect from the device and its connectivity option … take your pick :slight_smile:

The problem I have with Android is that you’re then tied (more or less) into the Google world, which, with Apple and Microsoft, is what I’m looking to avoid!

Personally I wouldn’t touch a Windows phone … they’re stillborn from the get-go with limited software availability.

The problem I have with Android is that you're then tied (more or less) into the Google world

I suppose an Android fan would counter “The problem I have with iOS is that you’re then tied (more or less) into the Apple world” :wink:

Neither are perfect, neither are inherently “better” … they are what they are, so just pick whichever feels right and fits your requirements.

I also guess an Android fan might point out because of Androids open source nature the availability of things like LineageOS/CyanogenMod (and other Android phone firmware options) if you wanna cut (to an extent) the Google strings.

iOS devices on the other hand are much more locked down and limited in this respect.

As I suggested, there are MANY more options with Android … but as an “out of the box” experience, I personally prefer iPhone/iOS … but is a very personal thing, YMMV, so it would be quite wrong for anyone to suggest there’s a ‘one size fits all’ winner here, and anybody that does is simply playing the fanboy game. :wink:

There are other alternatives though

or maybe Tizen on a Samsung Z4

or if you’re rich, the Librem 5 by Purism

or others


You’re so right, Mark. It all comes down to personal preference and I appreciate people who just outright say that instead of presenting their preference as objective truth or something. Both have their pros and cons. I prefer Android for the freedom it provides.

Hi Witek, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Yep, there are some arguments/discussions that are pointless … I’ve never seen an Android/iOS argument/discussion where a single person has changed their stance because of the argument/discussion.

In truth both are often a “least bad” choice based on very personal requirement … there is no “best”.

A bit like Linux/Windows … you can argue all day about which is “best” and you’ll not come to a consensus … you can discuss technical merit, but then you’re back to choice based on personal requirements and preference again.

It’s all a bit like cherry lovers trying to argue that people who prefer plums are ‘wrong’ … kinda daft really.
(I nearly said apple and orange lovers … but thought better :)))