What's the best/what would you reccomend as an online browsing protection

I’m looking for something which will protect me against malware & stuff such as keyloggers while browsing.
Free or otherwise.
My OS etc is listed below.

Many thanks

Do you use Firefox as your browser? If so, take a look here as a start - - How to Secure Your Firefox Browser Plus a Google search will bring up plenty of advice.

There’s a ton of ways to prevent attacks but be wary of applying some of them, as an override to the browser’s security settings can be counter-productive. In Firefox, I installed UBlock Origin, Privacy Badger and HTTPs Everywhere as well as working through recommended security settings and (so far) haven’t had an issue. Good browsing methods are key - don’t click on a link you don’t trust or open a page that carries a warning.

At the end of the day, the best protection is that wonderful piece of kit between the ears… :wink:

Thanks for that, I’ll take a look at the link.