Where do I get the latest Wine package (Solved)

Where do I get the latest Wine package ? I had a look at Synaptic but am confused and I had a look using the Software Manager but the the reviews said it was ages out of date??
I want to run a Windows programme and have setup a Virtual Box. It doesn’t work very well, screen size is driving me up the wall and the response time is chronic.
Someone has ported the programme to Linux OS and I have the instructions but it will be a last resort.
I was hoping to try Wine, any help ??

Wanna link me to the Linux native version and instructions and I’ll take a look at it ?

PM me if necessary.

Thanks Mark, panic’s over.
I was wanting to run T2 laser software in a window but I was given back the Samsung tablet that I loaned my Grandson and it runs Win 7, with the 17" monitor that I use with it it is ideal for what I want to do. I really need to do it all on the one machine, I purchase the software from his site and he sends it along with a key to unlock the software. Hopefully it will work this time.

take care
Don W
EDIT I will have a look at LinuxCNC later and see what they have been up to lately.

Okey dokey :slight_smile:

No doubt I will be back :wink:

Hi Mark, I am back.
The Samsung tablet didn’t seem powerful enough to drive the Laser Engraver using the T2 software so I set up an Acer Aspire with Win 10 and it is running but with some issues.
I have been on the forum for T2 software (Benboxlaser.us) and a chap on there says he has T2 running in Linux. I have copied his instructions and attached here. Could you look at them and let me know if they are ok ?I find it a bit difficult following them and would ideally like them simplified so that I don’t break anything. Can you help ??

take care
Don W

Don, it would really help if when reopening a topic marked as (SOLVED) if you remove (SOLVED) from the first post subject line before posting :wink:

I’ll get to this as soon as I can, but I’m a little busy with Peppermint 9 at the moment … sorry :frowning:

Sorry about that Mark :-[
No rush as I don’t really know what I am doing. :-[
I have marked this as Solved because I don’t really want to use Wine. Someone on another forum has got the program to run on Linux and I would rather run in Linux if I can.
I have started another thread to see if you can help with getting it to run in Peppermint.

take care
Don W