Where is the ASCII character set (Solved)

I would like to use the Alt+number to insert characters from the ASCII set into my documents.
Is this possible ? and how can I implement it ?
I would especially like the Alt+172 to show 1/4, Alt+171 to show 1/2 and Alt+243 to show 3/4.
Anyone ?

I don’t think it can be done.

You can do standard ASCII unicode characters with

Right_Ctrl+Shift+u … you’ll then see u … then type the ASCII code and hit enter.

But I don’t think fractions (as done by Windows) are standard ASCII characters

ASCII characters and their codes can be found here:


It seems you CAN use HTML codes with “Right_Ctrl+Shift+u”

so for:-
¼ = Right_Ctrl+Shift+u then type BC and hit enter.
½ = Right_Ctrl+Shift+u then type BD and hit enter.
¾ = Right_Ctrl+Shift+u then type BE and hit enter.
(letters don’t have to be capitals … can be lower case)

HTML symbols and their codes can be found here:

[EDIT 2]

Was just messing and I’ve just discovered you can do:-
AltGr+Shift+4 = ¼
AltGr+5 = ½
AltGr+6 = ¾
AltGr+Shift+5 = ⅜
AltGr+Shift+6 = ⅝
AltGr+Shift+7 = ⅞

etc. :slight_smile:

AltGr being the right Alt key on my keyboard.

:spades: :heart: :clubs: :diamonds: sorry, just playin™ :slight_smile:

:spades: :heart: :clubs: :diamonds: ⇐ sorry, just playin :slight_smile:

You’re a right card :wink:
¼ ½ 
Thanks Mark I have a note of what I want. ;D

Did you see the second edit above ?

Yes Mark, I have just checked them out.
¼ ⅜ ½ ⅝ ¾ ⅞
Can there be sixteenths, sixty fourths etc. ? or is that a bridge too far :wink:

Dunno …