Which distro and will it work?

Well all is well and good except one thing :stuck_out_tongue: I installed Adobe Reader 9, but I don’t want it any more. I tried to uninstall it using:

sudo apt-get purge adobereader.deu

But it just won’t go away! It’s still shown in the menu, and it even opens as a program still! I really don’t get it :stuck_out_tongue: so what do I do?

What’s the output from:

dpkg -l | grep -i adobe


ii  acroread                                    9.5.5-1raring1                       i386         Adobe Reader
ii  acroread-bin                                9.5.5-1raring1                       i386         Adobe Reader
ii  adobereader-deu                             9.5.5-1raring1                       i386         Adobe Reader
ii  mint-flashplugin                            2011.10.19                           all          Metapackage for Adobe Flash plugin
ii  mint-flashplugin-11                                        i386         Adobe Flash plugin 11

(I tried reinstalling it and uninstalling it again, but that didn’t work. At the moment it’s fully installed)

And I almost forgot… I also want to change the view in the file explorer from icons to list, but I want to apply it to all directories. At the moment I’ve only been able to apply the changes to individual places. So how do I apply the change to all of them at once?

sudo apt-get purge adobereader.deu

That is because it is still installed.

sudo apt-get remove --purge <package>

Which version of Mint you got (Cinnamon or Mate)?

sudo apt-get remove --purge acroread acroread-bin adobereader-deu

Thank you mark :slight_smile: It worked!

I have the cinnamon version

In Cinnamon you would be using Nemo file manager. Look for configuring the default view:

That’s awesome :slight_smile: Thanks again for all your help :slight_smile:

Hello JizzaDaMan,
I have been using Linux for just a few months. You have probably discovered that windows software will not run on linux, some will not run on Wine (windows emulater) Dreamweaver, Page Plus, TomTom Home and a few others. On my main desktop computer I have Ubuntu which seems to be the favourite and I like it. I also have Windows XP and Windows 7 for when XP ceases support. All these are on four seperate caddies and are interchangeable hard discs that slide into the computer. If a hard disk crashes (its only happened once) I am not left stranded. If you have a laptop then you have to dual boot to have both a windows and a linux OS. thats if you want a windows and a linux system. On my two Acer notebook computers I have Zorin and Mint, both lightweight systems which are trouble free, these little computers I find useful when sitting in an armchair. And I use all of them, each have different advantages. Linux Ubuntu I think is the best, its faster than windows, more reliable and everything is free, no bugs, upgrades and updates are all free. Recently I had to buy SpyHunter to get rid of programmes that were put on windows 7 and XP without my permission and changed the toolbars and added aggravating advertising pop ups. Linux is so trouble free, its unbelievable after you’ve been using windows for so many years.

Well said Bill :slight_smile:

as a new person to linux i would ask you to try a “live distro” or two or three first

here are a few i would say for new people

zorinos - http://www.zorin-os.com/

peppermint - http://peppermintos.com/


linuxmint - http://linuxmint.com/

you will get loads of help here if any questions ( and mark and the rest are so helpful )