Which distro ln my old laptop?

Remember the Peppermint 3 laptop that died ( went to grub and stopped booting)? The LUG guys got it booted but it died again. He said when he has time he will help me boot it again and put the new HD in it. I’m getting more RAM from Tramlink. What distro would you recommend? It is from 2006, so quite old. The HD has plenty lof space the LUG guy said. Not sure how much RAM I will have but it will be plenty for general surfing etc.
He asked me to save a distro to my data stick before he comes- where can I find the links?
Thanks guys.

The problem here is that if you were running Peppermint 3 there’s a good chance we chose that because the CPU is 32bit only and doesn’t support PAE.

There’s a distinct lack of modern Linux distros with non-PAE kernels … Linux Mint ebian Edition 2 seems to though:
suggests it comes with a non-pae 486 kernel … so I’d probably suggest the MATE version of Mint LMDE2 (Betsy):

The LUG guy said he thought my laptop is 64 bit, but I read that any laptop pre 2008 (and it is 2006) is 32 bit. When you helped me load Peppermint 3 on it Mark Peppermint 6 wasn’t out- that was about 3 years ago.Is the Mate Mint like the Mint I have on the netbook? I am happy with Mint as a distro. In fact I have no complaints about any Linux distro I have had- the netbook first had Ubuntu on it.

If it’s 64bit then I’d have to suggest Peppermint 6 :wink:

as a second choice I’d still probably give Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE2) MATE a go … though obviously get the 64bit.

The date has nothing to do with whether it’s 32bit or 64bit … it’s purely the CPU architecture, AMD were making 64bit CPU’s in 2003

How would I know if it is 32 bit or 64 bit?

Fire up the laptop from a LiveUSB and run:

cat /proc/cpuinfo

and post the output here.

or give us the FULL model number, and make of the laptop and we’ll try to discover the spec

I can’t Mark, the laptop is dead again- gone to grub error again. I will have to wait til the LUG guy is free to come and boot it again.

You should still be able to boot a LiveCD/LiveUSB … but forget that, have you got the exact model number (should be on a sticker underneath)

The other option would be to download Peppermint 6 64bit, and LMDE2 32bit … so your prepared for any event.

I can provide links to both if you wish ?

Windows xp home edition hp hp mobile data system compaq nx6325.

Yes please to the links Mark, thanks.

OK, every review I’ve seen says the Compaq nx6325 has a Turion64 X2 (dual core) CPU … so is capable of running a 64bit distro.

Peppermint 6 64bit:

But just in case you’d prefer Mint 17.3 MATE 64bit:

Peppermint 6 32bit:

Mint 17.3 MATE 32bit:

Want to save yourself initial download time … get Peppermint, the ISO’ are half the size of the Mint ones … but they’ll probably require you to add some software post-installation (as we did with Peppermint 3) though I can help with this.

Want lots of preinstalled apps and codecs but larger initial downloads … get Mint.

I’ve chosen the MATE version of Mint because it’s lighter than the Cinnamon version … I’ve steered clear of the Mint Debian edition for 3 reasons
a) The 32bit version has (at least out of the box) an 486 kernel that will only recognise a single core of you dual core CPU
b) I personally can’t say how polished the 64bit version is … I’ve heard it’s very good, but I haven’t yet verified how “new user” friendly it is.
c) You’ll find more available help for the Ubuntu based versions (Peppermint, or the Mint version I linked above).

Thanks Mark. I will show this to the LUG guy when he can come. First he has to put in the new hard drive and boot the thing from grub again so I can export my bookmarks onto the Maxtor HD. I did that once but forgot. How do we do that? I will want to save them so I can put them on the laptop once it has the new hard drive and distro.

p.s of course I’d do all this myself but I haven’t the expertise to boot from grub and put in hard drives.

Melissa, if you downloaded Linux Mint on the 20 Feb … delete it and download it again.

No, I didn’t- the LUG guy hasn’t been yet to do the laptop yet Mark.