Which Linux distro is best for this

I got a netbook for Christmas. It’s an “Archos Arnova 10” with 128MB of RAM and 2GB storage. It runs on Windows CE and has an ARM processor.

I want to put Linux on it as as you can tell, it’s horrible and I can’t really use it.

Just wondering if you can suggest any small Linux distributions that would be able to run with my specs, support the ARM architecture and doesn’t use a command line, it needs to have a graphical screen for me. I’ve tried looking around and reading about, but I can’t find any suitable for my netbook (although I’m probably not looking into it well enough).

Also, I’ve heard things about this kind of netbook not even being able to boot from external media… can anyone clear that up for me? Because obviously if there is no way I can do that, there’s no point even trying to do this.

I have no idea if it can boot from external devices, but if it can…

You would need to look at something like the Debian ARM port:
and then strip it right back, because of your lack of RAM (ie. a non-graphical install then load a light weight windows manager like fluxbox/openbox)… but at the end of the day with only 128mb RAM any GUI you manage to get running is going to be ugly/slow whatever you do.

Personally I’d say, just get rid of it and put what you get for it towards an x86 based netbook with more RAM.

If you’re looking for a really cool (!) Linux laptop, try the;

Asus eeePC 1005 or 1015.

You can get the entry level 1005 from around £190, and the top-end 1015 from around £260.
(or £349 of you buy over the counter @ PC World)

Features single or dual-core atom, 1G RAM, HDD, 10" 1024x600 screen etc … 8-9h battery life …

It also has an “instant on” feature which allows the machine to boot into a usable state within 5-6 seconds … Linux on ROM (!)

Typically comes with XP or 7 on the HDD, but you can always wipe this and install the Distro of your choosing …


Caveat; DOA / fault rate seems high … check it out as soon as it arrives if you’re getting one via post, or get them to power it up in the store if you’re buying over the counter.