Which Printer is Best for Mint 17.2

Hello, my Canon Pixma has died and I need a new, basic mono laser printer to run off my HP ProBook with Mint 17.2. An inkjet recommendation would be of interest also. I don’t want to spend a lot as I do very little printing.

Thank you.

Received wisdom is that HP printers work best with Linux.

Avoid Lexmark and Kodak.

Ah. thanks. Do you know if the set-up is easy, also are all HP printers compatible?

Setup is easier for HP than just about any other printer in Linux

Are ALL HP’s compatible … NO, it depends on the printer model and the version of hplip in Mint 17.2

What’s the output from:

dpkg -l | grep hplip


Hold on, did you say you’re after an Inkjet or mono laser ?

Does it need to be wireless, wired LAN, or just USB ?


Hello Mark, output :

graham@graham-HP-ProBook-455-G2 ~ $ dpkg -l | grep hplip
ii hplip 3.15.2-0trusty4.1 amd64 HP Linux Printing and Imaging System (HPLIP)
ii hplip-data 3.15.2-0trusty4.1 all HP Linux Printing and Imaging - data files
graham@graham-HP-ProBook-455-G2 ~ $

I’m not too fussed whether I have an inkjet or a mono laser, as I said it will be for very light usage, but I would need copy and scanning, whatever is the most cost effective to run. WiFi for my laptop (Mint) and usb for her desktop (Win 7).


Initial purchase an inkjet would probably be cheapest…

To run a mono laser would be cheapest

An inkjet if not used for months on end runs the risk of ink evaporating, and/or clogging the print heads

My point is it’s difficult to recommend specific printers for multiple reasons including:-

a) I don’t know your usage patterns, or if you’re likely to need colour at some point in the future.
b) I can only “guarantee” printers I’ve owned … though you can usually get a fair idea from google.

I mean, here’s the best of both worlds (as long as you don’t require colour), a wireless mono laser AIO from Brother currently with £50 off.

and here’s how much the toner cartridges are

their website is showing Linux drivers in both .deb and .rpm packages

but I can’t 100% guarantee it as I’ve never used one personally.

That said, this guy

seems to have got it working easily enough (after an initial screw up) in Ubuntu 14.04 which is what Mint 17.x is based on.

But all I can do is make SUGGESTIONS based on what you tell me and a quick “Google” … the final decision and responsibility lies firmly on your shoulders :wink:

OK, thanks Mark for a such a comprehensive answer. I have now seen an HP Envy (yes, really!!) 4527 it looks good even though it is colour/inkjet, do you think this will be straight forward to set up on my version of Mint?

I saw those too…

I cannot guarantee that model either, I can find info on other Envy 4500 series

It will PROBABLY work (as it’s a 4500 series) but you’d need to upgrade your version of hplip (or switch to Mint 18) and HP aren’t being too clear here.

If you’re going to go with HP, see here:
where you can check out model support, and the required version of hplip

But remember what I said about running costs … cheap inkjets might SEEM like a good deal until you realise the cartridges that come with it are only a third full, cost £50+ to replace, and don’t last long … but if you’re likely to require colour and are only ever going to do light printing they save you the outlay of a colour laser which still cost a fortune.

But you’ll still need to either upgrade hplip or move to Mint 18

If it’s any help, Google turned up this at Argos -


It’s a laser mono all-in-one at a very good price - BUT - before you purchase any new printer remember that they all will come with ‘starter’ cartridges ie: very little ink/toner in them and the cost of replacements will make your eyes water! (I speak from experience!)

I found these guys in Birmingham who are the market leaders in refilling toner cartridges - U Refill Toner Ltd - and it would be well worth it to give them a ring for advice as to the best/easiest printer to buy. I didn’t, unfortunately and ended up with a printer that was a tricky beggar but they still sorted me out at a fraction of the cost of new replacements. I must stress that I have no interest in this firm whatsoever other than a very satisfied customer.

Hope this helps


Yes, I’ve been looking at that one too. Thanks for the tip about cartridges and the B’hm contact. In fact thank you all for really helpful guidance.