Which SSD?

I have an HP Probook 455 G2 + exclusive Mint 19.2, the HD is getting noisy so I would like to replace it with an SSD, any recommendations please?

Pretty much any of them.

Personally I’ve a thing for Samsung SSD’s but I’ve also had Crucial, Kingston and Sandisk.

The best advice is “get the biggest you can afford”, never completely fill it, and leave a few GB unpartitioned space at the end of the drive so the wear levelling firmware can do its thing … do this and the SSD should outlast an HDD.

Thanks for your advice Mark. As I am planning to have only Mint installed I was not going to partition the ssd, will this influence the performance of wear levelling?

You’ll have to partition it … though the mint installer will do it automatically for you.

As I said manually partitioning leaving some empty space (overprovisioning) is the ideal, although technically you could also just install mint then later use the LiveUSB to shrink the partition a bit.

The ideal is to leave somewhere between 5% and 7% of the SSD unpartitioned for overprovisioning … and to ALSO never fill the partition completely.

So get the largest drive you can afford … the more unused capacity, the better wear levelling works and the drive should last longer.

That said, just bunging it in and treating it no different to an HDD shouldn’t really hurt a modern SSD too much … the above is just playing it cautious.

Ok, thanks for that. Just one last thing, I was intending to do a clean installation of Mint and then add my backed up files but I now see that it is possible to do a clone of the existing HD, any thoughts about which way is preferable?

Personally I’d go for the fresh install and copy route. I recently built a new desktop rig with an SSD and tried cloning but it didn’t go well for me, though it was probably more my inexperience with cloning that fouled things up. Ok, it might mean a bit more work (tweaking settings etc) but less chance of things going wrong and ruining everything. And I don’t think the time saved is particularly significant anyway.

Good luck with it, whichever method you choose.


Thanks Rich, I intended to do a fresh installation but then saw a lot of info about cloning. I just didn’t want to miss some hidden advantage of one over the other.

Why not try cloning first, easy enough to reformat and fresh install if necessary.

Clonezilla LiveUSB would be my tool of choice

Ok, thanks for that Mark, however, I will go the way of a fresh installation - I looked at the Clonezilla site, unfortunately their instructions are incomprehensible to my limited capabilities.