which system to choose

Hi, I am using windows which is being replaced soon, I am a general user browsing, films, basic use of word and excel. Advice please which is the best Linux to download. Thank you Biju

Right at the moment I’d have to say either Ubuntu 18.04 or Xubuntu 18.04

Most other Ubuntu based distros will be releasing their new versions soon, so if you want an Ubuntu based distro right now they are the currently the only two out based on the new 18.04 code base that I’d suggest.

I’m suggesting an Ubuntu base because it’s the easiest to find help for.

Ubuntu if your machine has plenty of resources, and you like the new desktop metaphor.

Xubuntu if you want something a little ‘lighter’ and more Windows like … though it may not be as ‘pretty’.

If it were me, I’d probably go for Xubuntu 18.04, but that’s just ‘my’ preference … why not try them both on LiveUSB’s and decide which you prefer before installing.

Another option would be to wait about a month, then there’ll be more to choose from for example as Mint release Mint 19 (Tara), Peppermint release 9, and ElementaryOS release 5.0 (Juno).

By the way, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hi Mark Thank you for your advice, I will try your idears.


Forgot about live USB OS I have been using VM to test the different OS versions. Better just using a USB. NOOB’s DEBIAN is a nice little OS can be installed on just about anything. SD card USB to be used on a Raspberry PI or a larger device? It has all the word, excel, publisher type app’s/programs on it. And it can be used for development too! Yet it is a very small OS and does not need much power to put it one way. One question what do you mean when you say Windows is disappearing?

Hi I obtained mint 18 on a USB stick and have used it for last 5 weeks, I have dual booted it on to my PC without any problems. As for my comment about window, I am using windows 7 which will become obsolete, and I am not keen on windows 10 as it caused problems with my ASUS laptop.

Yeah windows 10 is the one which i hated the most as it keeps updating all the time, you should better Xubuntu 18.04…