Who remembers this ?

(1) when your computer only had one desktop environment

(2) only had 1 workspace

(3) searching endlessly for that printer driver cd after re-installing your OS because it became so slow and virus ridden re-installation was the only solution

(4) that uninvited icon on your desktop or new toolbar on your web browser you find after downloading that free half baked program from the internet

(5) wondering why your PC was even slower than normal only to discover it’s running a Anti Virus update

(6) logging in to you PC in the morning to find that download you left running overnight was interupted because Widows run an update and had to reboot your computer

(7) those persistent popups warning you your Anti Virus is out of date

(8 ) Having time to boil the kettle and make a cup of coffee while Internet Explorer loaded up your home page

(9) the sense of relief when your PC successfully rebooted after that sudden crash and blue screen of death

(10) waiting 4 hours on your PC defragmenting to find it’s not not made one iota of difference

Don’t you miss all that ?

Them wit days :slight_smile:


Heh, nice to see sarcasm is alive and well in Scotland :slight_smile:

It’s funny isn’t it, when someone first tries Linux and says something like “Oh no, it’s too different to Windows” … Well yeah, thank god.

Always makes me laugh when someone has a single issue with Linux and runs back to the mess you mentioned above.

This. System resources running at 100%, too, used to drive me nuts! I used Comodo with my XP installation. Great piece of software but a nightmare when it would just choose to randomly update. I have recurring nightmares about that flipping thing.

On that, how secure are Linux machines behind a router firewall? I’ve read that it’s probably enough but there’s always that nagging doubt. It sounds too good to be true.

All depends where you get your software … if you use the default repos and only trustworthy sources, you’re VERY safe.

If you install things through unknown PPA’s there’s always a slight risk.

But I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again … I’d feel MUCH, MUCH, MUCH safer running even an end of life Linux distro than ANY version of Windows with FULL AV and anti-malware software.

I have never, repeat NEVER, had a Linux virus or any malware.

Maybe you’d like to read this:
and in particular the 2 links at the bottom

I use both vista n linux in same machine. For vista, two anti-viruses, 9 anti-malwares and still explorer.exe crashes regularly! Though my linux version is pretty old(9.10) yet it lets me do everything except playing games!!And virus, i delete lots of windows usb virus in linux partition like mp3s from windows “select” and “delete” just like that…