Whoops I did it!

:slight_smile: No,not Britney Spears, but Kenny.I finally made a decision about installing Linux on my hard drive.I put Linux Mint 9 (Helena) on to it.It seems to be working fine.It will be good to download favourites/progs etc knowing that they will stay in memory.Is there an easy way to transfer bookmarks from my Windows version of Firefox to the Linux one? Cheers Kenny
PS I used a program called Easy BCD to install it.

Yes… Open Firefox in Windows, select Bookmarks>Organize Bookmarks (or Ctrl+Shift+O[not zero]) to start the “Bookmarks Manager”… click “Import and Backup”, select “Backup”… the bookmarks will be saved as a bookmarks-date.json file.

Transfer this file to the Linux partition/PC, and do the same thing in Firefox in Linux… except select “Restore” from “Import and Backups”, and point it at the bookmarks-date.json file

or you can export and import as an HTML file from the same place.

Thanks Mark.That did the trick.Will save a lot of handwriting and typing in.BTW,I gave the wrong version that I installed.It was actually Linux Mint 9 (Isodora),don`t know how much different from Helena it is,but it will do for me. :slight_smile: Kenny

As far as what you “See” there is very little difference between Helena [8] and Isadora [9], but Isadora is based on Ubuntu 10.04 which ATM seems very buggy, which is why we’re telling people ATM to steer clear.

That said, if it’s working for you and you’re happy with it stick with it… most of the bugs are hardware specific, so if it’s working for you you’re probably OK, but Ubuntu 10.04 (so therefore Mint 9) does seem to be more resource hungry… see here: