why do people want linux to clone windows or osx

just a thourght but i didnt know where to post this little moan maybe the managers could do us a whinge post to use

anyway why are so many gnu/linux distro’s trying to be m$ / osx clones does my head in >:(

There is nothing wrong with producing distros that look like other OS(s).
They are still GNU/Linux under the hood. Whatever works for them. Scratching an itch etc…

I want to release a server edition with black writing on a black background for masochistic Linux admins :wink:

Also the ONLY editor available is vi … with the same black text/background.

Oh … text highlighting is also black :wink:


If that would satisfy my sadistic tendencies … Have I just turned this into a Linux S&M topic ? … there’s a distro name in there somewhere :wink:

Don’t ‘beat’ you self up over it Mark! ;D

Heh … Clever … I like it (damn that always makes me think of fekbook now) :slight_smile:

Black/Black Gentoo … you’re sicker than me :slight_smile:

Distro name/edition - S&M Linux / “be Gentoo with me” edition.

did i say base it on gentoo out loud :-[

the theme song has to be DEPECHE MODE masters and servers

do you think ann sumers will do a new range of slackware

I would imagine it’s something to do with wanting to tempt people away from Windows. So they offer a GUI that’s setup to be as familiar as possible.
The other factor is that GUI standards of design (up to the point where Gnome and Canonical went mad) were fairly universal (and rightly so), so there’s only so many ways you can set up a panel/taskbar, so some overlap in design is inevitable.

Black Gentoo? That’s just sick. XD

Zorin and Pear are proving there’s a niche for such distro’s … so why not … they’re not for me, but I wouldn’t deny others the hope of an easier transition, even if it turns out to be a false hope :wink:

Plus … there’s actually nothing wrong with the Windows and OS X interface … it’s the rubbish underneath.

So it can be viewed as an improvement to Windows/OS X, rather than a detraction from Linux.

anouther good point mark and i guess theres always CrunchBang Linux 11 (code name “Waldorf”) with openbox for the people who want speed instead of eye candy

That’s the beauty of Linux … an option for everyone … and even more options if you care to tweak :slight_smile:

Even MATUnitUntuShelinnamon have their place … until they don’t.

like a black/black gentoo fork ;D

now there’s a hybrid linux name ( MATUnitUntuShellinnamon)

mark what do you think of this for a S&M linux (be gentoo with me ) splash screen ;D

OK as long as you change the white stuff to black.

After that, just install THE GIMP. ;D