why do some people want linux to be" exclusive to us "

it’s a sad day when you get publicly hounded for trying to help new people adjust to linux and all it has to offer

i know it was not in here and i won’t name the distro or user group (it has kiss as a important fundamental principle ) but that should make them keener to help i would have guessed but no like some cult if your not in the know you dont exist

some people some distros what a pile of crux

(opps did i say that out loud)

i only asked because i dont understand the reasoning

You experienced some of the community spirit - which was poured over you and set alight?

Human beings - can be quite interesting on a one to one basis, but get them in a group and they turn into silverbacked gorillas (chest thumping, glaring and generally idiotic animal displays of imagined superiority).

Avoid fan clubs, they contain fans - not the most stable of people in the first instance.

I like that last line … very wise … yours ?

If so I’m now a fan :wink:

Confucius say, Belare of fan crubs … dey are fur of fans.

100% genuinely mine.
It was early in the morning, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Tux strikes again. Wait… no it’s the “fan” boys that have struck. Damn kids…

the sad thing is not so much me but the young kid i was trying to help having "move on " fron ubuntu he only wanted to learn more about what makes things tick .
me i am old enough and ugly enough not to care but i hope it don’t put him off open source i guess here or linuxquestions would be a better shout for him.

Linux is supposed to be scary and hard to learn - it keeps the riffraff away. Making it so easy that Johnny Potatohead can use it means we all have to put up with Johnny Potatohead making stupid remarks and asking daft questions.

I suppose that’s the beauty of Linux … it can be different things to different people.

A stupendously hard and elitist distro for you and your friends … nobody else allowed … do not apply … keep out.


A mega “walk you through everything” distro for Johnny Potatohead and his Facebook friends … indeed his (Linux) router only needs switching on, something that he can just about manage if/when he’s told to :wink:
(and people wonder why Android phones aren’t rooted by default … because the largest group of owners are in Johnny Potatoheads Facebook “friends” list :wink: )


Everything in between

Isn’t this what Linux is all about, and something it does really well :slight_smile:

BTW, whilst writing this I’ve just noticed “Facebook” obviously isn’t in my Firefox GB dictionary … GOOD :slight_smile:
Potatohead on the other hand, I’m adding :wink: