Why is Windows such hard work

Friend of the Missus (so I can’t say I don’t do Windows any more, and expect to keep my hearing) has a Windows PC that has developed a few bad sectors at the beginning of the hard drive, so Windows refuses to boot… all the user files/documents seem OK… chkdsk /R does it’s usual job of getting to the bad sectors, and stopping dead.

And as a home system, nothing is backed up, nothing is documented, and most of the software disks are missing (if they ever had them in the first place).

The plan -

Install a new hard drive… reinstall Windows to it…copy user files/docs from old drive to new one… reinstall software…

Sound easy? … Yeh right. :o

What I’ve got to look forward to in Windows -

Install Windows to new drive.

Install Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware software before I can go online to get the updates (and you have to be selective here, as some AV needs an up-to-date Windows before it will install… forcing you to go online unprotected)

Spend a couple of hours gathering the needed drivers together, and installing them… having to reboot after every one.

Install a few hours worth of updates, rebooting every time it says it finished, just to find there are now some more it needs.

Phone M$, because the online Windows activation doesn’t work.

Connect the old drive, and run a FULL AV scan, before even thinking about copying anything across.

Browse/search all over the old drive to find what software was installed, and any user files they might want to keep, as nobody keeps everything in their “My Documents” folder, you can’t just copy the whole “Documents and Settings” folder because Windows won’t let you, so you’'d still have to spend time filtering out the stuff Windows complains about (OK there are ways round some of this, but usually more hassle than it’s worth)

Spend half a day (at least) gathering together all the software they want and attempting to installing it (only to find they don’t have the keys for half of it, so having to find free alternatives), again having to reboot after half of the installs.

Find there are suddenly a load more Updates, that need installing, and rebooting.

And then if they don’t use webmail, you’re going to have to enter the settings/passwords etc. for that and any other software that requires them.

Go have a SLEEP, because I’ll have been up for ages, and need it.

OK, now for what I’d have to do if it was an Ubuntu system -

Attach both hard drives.

Install Ubuntu to the new drive, and create any users.

Copy across the “sources.list” files, and the /home contents from the old drive, which will not only copy the user files/docs, but will also copy across user specific system and application settings).

Use chroot to attach to the old hard drives file system.

Export the package markings from Synaptic.

exit chroot

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade (probably have to reboot ONCE here because of a kernel update)

Import the package markings into Synaptic, allowing you to install ALL the same software that was on the old drive with a few clicks.

Activate any additional drivers that are automatically offered to me.


Go have a BEER (or ten), and wonder what to do with the rest of the day :slight_smile:

Yes…I don’t miss Windows at all. :slight_smile:

Yes I have to agree, I recently had to wipe and re-load the wife’s machine’s MS windows, it was a long day!

But this time, after seeing my machine running Linux, she actually asked me for a dual boot install :slight_smile:

I can see it won’t be long now before I can say goodbye to windows installations for good in this household… at last YIPPEE !

I’m a new member here, but have been trying out Linux in different flavours since the late 90’s (I think suse was the first), then mandrake, and redhat, since then I have tried many many different ones.

I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, just a user who has never “really” got to grips with the CLI, but likes the overall premise of the Linux / OSS way of getting things done.

I find now, that Linux does everything “I” need to do with my computer (my needs are simple), and with none of the hassles of MS windows.
IE: oh you’ve upgraded your machine new License needed, virus, trojans, adware, spyware, the list goes on and on as we know.

I recently tried to install Gentoo (on a spare old machine), but failed due to a mistake I made, but that’s cool, I made the mistake, so I shall try again another day when I have the time, It’s all part of the learning process ::slight_smile:

Hi Reb, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Lucky you… I can’t for the life of me get the other half to part with Windows, so quite regularly have to go through this mind numbing process.

I’ve tried… Oh how I’ve tried… Her system has been a dual-booter for quite some time, but when Windows throws a wobbly, will she boot and use Linux (as was the plan)? … Oh no… I’ve got to “fix Windows NOW, I can’t get on Fekbook”. ← another scourge of my life.

I’m resigned to not being completely Windows free until M$ finally dies the death it so richly deserves… I await that day with bated breath, and LiveCD in hand :wink:

you have my sympathy !

My wife’s computer needs are like mine (simple), so long as she can do a little office stuff (Libre office), Skype her mum, and play a few little games like card games (pysol fan club edition), browse the web and email, she’s happy with the computer :wink:

Windows days are numbered, maybe even down to hours now LOL

Especially as the front audio connector works in Linux, but I can’t seem to get it working under windows ! (I wonder why that is) :wink:

Stop it, you’re giving me evil thoughts :wink:

By the way,
I hope you didn’t forget to reboot windows into safe mode, just so you can password protect that hidden administrator user !

I wonder how many WinXP users are oblivious to that, online with a non password protected admin user on their machine ?

HO hum, the joy’s of Microshaft security.

Heh…I would have if I thought it was going to make her system any more secure than it is… but as she refuses to even have a password to log in to her Windows account and insists her account is set as an administrator anyway… there’s little point.

Windows security sucks at the best of times… password protecting the admin account seems like trying to dam the grand canyon with a grain of salt.

:wink: ::slight_smile: 8)

How I wish I was Windows free too. My brothers laptop has “Win 7” on it and only reason being is, GTKpod hasn’t been able to crack the hash for the ipod nano G6. Just “one” stupid thing, argh! My mum and brother are quite happy using Linux, if only GTK could crack that hash sometime soon, then I’ll have my LiveCD in my hand jumping up and down. After I’ve finished, grab a Jack Daniels or 4. :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile:

I wont be windows free until my other half’s company switches to Linux sometime never. As she works from home she needs IE as the remote access software will not work with none IE browsers.

I have seen a browsers that has all 3 engines but the Linux version is still under development. Then of course there is office as many companies remain stuck with this software and it is more polished then the free alternatives.

So I am expecting to have one windows based machine for sometime to come. Myself I am mostly happy with Linux and removed Windows from my computer.

I’m not really convinced by the M$ Office is “more polished” argument, and in any case M$ Office is dying (even M$ know this) and/or there is now an online version anyway, and IE6 can be run from WINE (or later versions from a VM)… but I agree that it’s hard to shift someone that’s entrenched and can’t see a real benefit.

I can’t shift my missus, and she doesn’t even bother to give any such arguments to support her stubbornness :wink:

Each to their own I suppose :wink: … except for the fact that I’m the one that has to keep fixing her Windows lappie ::slight_smile:

My wife would happily move to a Mac and we have considered this option in the past but they are so expensive compared to PCs.

Having your office software on the net and I was offered that option with Office 2010 is not something I would do as you need to have a hi-speed internet connection.

You could always get a silver HP laptop, take a bite out of an apple and draw round it with a felt tip pen on the lid, then follow these instructions:

then cross your fingers and lie through your teeth :wink:

I couldn’t help but laugh very, very, hard. I love your imagination & creativity. ::slight_smile:

Hey all. Interesting and funny situation. I had the exact problem convincing my other half to switch to Linux. My home system runs Linux and the Mrs runs MS. After her system continously crashing/ freezing due to registry errors and program conflicts, I finally decided it was time to bring her into the future and installed Linux on her system. When she got her system back and running she instantly asked what had happened to her windows system and why it now says Ubuntu. I braizenly told her that MS had changed its layout/ look and some compatable programs to make systems more stable and Ubuntu was the beta testing symbol.
After the better half had been using her Linux ( pretend MS )system for a few months I asked her how she was getting on with it. Her reply was, and I quote " Microsoft are absolutely geniuses at software developement. I cant believe with the changes they have made that my system now runs like it should and also seems to run faster!! This is why it is worth paying the money and not using undeveloped free programs "
I couldnt keep a straight face any longer and told her I had installed Linux! Although I have now had to cook my own dinner and wash my own clothes for the past year :'(, I havent had to spend any time sorting out the wife’s system!! Happy days. ;D
So the moral to this story is comparisons can only be made when you have lived both sides! and NEVER lie to your wife no matter how small the lie is!!

:slight_smile: heheh… I like it :wink:

It would be better if Microsoft went back to their Xenix roots and released another *nix variant… though they’d no doubt mess it up.

@ICTNation; I couldn’t help but laugh that you’ve had to make your own dinner & wash your own clothes xD That’s just epic.