why is windows Vs why is linux

Thanks to AndyInMokum (Peppermint forum moderator) I searched google for the search terms -

why is windows
why is linux

Interesting results can be found by clicking these links:

Very different top results, wouldn’t you say ? :slight_smile:

Haha, I love it when Google wear their allegiance on their sleeve ;D

Not sure it’s a “Google allegiance” thing as much as just what most people are searching for … but it’s certainly interesting :slight_smile:

Very interesting…

Recently, a Computer mag forum I subscribed to went belly up and all subscribers were suddenly looking for a new home. I went with the flow and signed up with another forum (in the same ‘publishing group’ as it happens) and saw a few familiar faces had done the same. In short order, the usual complaints and panics regarding Windows security meant the post count shot up rapidly. In a reply to one such, I posted an innocuous remark along the lines of …‘or you could always switch to Linux and not have to worry about any of it…’ (and I thought the use of a smiley face would have shown it was a bit tongue in cheek). Oh dear! You might imagine the reaction to that?

I must be honest, I became a bit of a Linux ‘zealot’ when I’d first changed over (which was a bit silly 'cos I knew nowt about it!) and would try and persuade anyone who asked that this was the way to go. Now, though I will try and point it out, I won’t get into a Windows v Linux argument and will just shrug my shoulders if the listener isn’t interested. If Windows is what they want, let them get on with it…

What I really don’t understand is, why do otherwise rational people, who change their cars/banks/internet providers/utility companies etc etc etc on a regular basis because they are dissatisfied with the product/service they receive, remain so entrenched when it comes to computing? Trawl through any Windows support forum you like and there are thousands of identical posts requesting help that have been posted repeatedly down the years about malware and viruses that are still giving the same problems in the very latest versions! As I discovered, any problems I might get with Linux are as nothing compared with those I used to get with Windows and, if nothing else, my rate of hair loss has been slowed considerably! ;D

The evidence is all there, should people wish to find it but still, if it hasn’t sunk in by now, perhaps it never will?


+1 … and that pretty much matches my own experience :slight_smile:

Linux isn’t going to die if windows users don’t immediately switch, so who cares.

I’m still of the opinion that they’ll have no choice sooner or later, but pointless trying to “convert” anyone that’s not “ready”.

Still, mentioning Linux in a Windows forum never fails to make me laugh … call me a troll if you wish, but just occasionally when I’m bored…

I have a mate who is “wedded” to Windows and has recently installed W8 on his PC.

I showed him Peppermint on my netbook last night and I could tell by his facial expression that his mind is firmly closed to anything different.

I know I shouldn’t but if he was to get the dreaded blue screen I might just feel a little superior.

Unfortunately, my wife who has a laptop running W7 has the same mindset I’m just waiting for it crash!! :wink:

What really annoys me is Windows users who persist in using unsupported Windows systems like XP.

They are a risk to themselves and others… ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: